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Entrepreneur Journeys Book Review: “Men can do what men have done.”

Posted on Thursday, Nov 12th 2009

Thomas Duff posted an excellent review of Positioning by Sramana Mitra on his Duffbert’s Random Musings blog:

“I enjoy the way that Mitra has structured the books in the Entrepreneur Journeys series. Hearing the successes and failures coming straight from those who lived them adds a human element to the information that is often lacking from other business books.  It also allows the interviewees to share little pearls of wisdom that they were given as they grew up.

For instance, D. D. Ganguly of DimDim once asked his father a question, to which he got a response, “Men can do what men have done.”  In other words, if someone else has done it before you, there’s no reason you can’t do it also.  It stuck with him from that point forward, and it’s been gnawing away at me all day also…

Before you get too far down the line with your ‘next big idea’, a reading of Positioning might do wonders to help you narrow your focus and improve your chances of success.”

You can read his entire review here.

Tonight, Sramana Mitra will be interviewed live on the Blog Business Success Radio program at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST.  You can listen and call-in from here.  As you can tell from this portion of program host Wayne Hurlbert’s review of Positioning, this promises to be an in-depth and informative interview:

“For me, the power of the book is how Sramana Mitra combines the analytical and questioning skills of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist with cases studies of how successful entrepreneurs used that intense examination to find clarity. The author takes a holistic approach to marketing that examines the path of the product from the idea stage to its final market positioning. Sramana Mitra points out that an idea must be differentiated, and must be able to be targeted with laser accuracy at a specific market segment. Knowing the potential market prior to launch will save both time and money for an entrepreneur. Through the very intensive questioning technique, provided in the book, any idea can be given the same fundamental analysis expected by venture capitalists and other investors. The result is a clarity of vision that will lead to success.

I highly recommend the must read book Positioning by Sramana Mitra, to any would be entrepreneur who seeks to sculpt their idea into a profitable product. The emphasis in the book is on finding the ideal market segment, and positioning, through asking the often painful questions that discover the clarity of market vision.”

The entire review is posted here on the Blog Business World blog.

Positioning: How To Test, Validate, and Bring Your Idea To Market, and all of the Entrepreneur Journeys books by Sramana Mitra are available from

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