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Entrepreneur Journeys Book Review: “Bootstrapping” In Tune With The Times

Posted on Friday, May 29th 2009

Francine Hardaway has a great review of EJ2 over at FastCompany. She writes, “Sramana Mitra’s Bootstrapping: Weapon of Mass Reconstruction is a book for our time, because it’s something real out of Silicon Valley. No more stories about legendary VC fundings or startup-to-IPO in six months. In this, the second volume of Entrepreneurs Journeys, her focus is on doing more with less, in tune with the times.”

Candice Arnold over at CollegeRecruiter has also reviewed the book. Candice writes, “One thing that stands out more than anything else is the amount of patience and persistence that’s required to be an entrepreneur. Such a venture is definitely not for anyone who discourages easily. But it’s also apparent that hard work, dedication and a keen sense of what consumers want or need more often than not lead to success.

Both Entrepreneur Journeys and Bootstrapping: Weapon of Mass Reconstruction, which is scheduled for wide release on June 1, 2009, are available on They’re worth reading for anyone who has or plans to journey down the road of entrepreneurship.”

The book officially launches on Monday. If you have already read the book, we request that you please review it on Amazon or on your respective blogs and newsletters. It would help us tremendously with the launch.

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