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Entrepreneur Journeys Book Review: Converting Experiences Into Roadmaps

Posted on Thursday, Oct 8th 2009

From Alice Krause’s review of Positioning: How To Test, Validate, And Bring Your Idea To Marketby Sramana Mitra on her News On Women blog:

Positioning is a great conversation between Sramana and a number of entrepreneurial executives who take the time to share stories of how they got started as well as how they are ‘positioning’ their current ventures. I am sure you have heard of some of the companies, but Sramana brings us new insight and converts their experiences into roadmaps for the rest of us. I learned a lot about really focusing on not only who my competition is, but also who my competition should be!”

Here are more reviews by Amazon customers:

“Excellent advice from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs…What might be the most valuable component of the book is the appendix titled Clarify Your Story, which contains a series of questions that the aspiring entrepreneur should be able to give clear answers to.  This book is a reality check on much of what works as well as some things that proved to be negative of useful.”–Charles Ashbacher

“Sramana has again compiled extremely valuable insights that can only be gleaned through asking thought provoking questions that another entrepreneur would want to know.”–Brian Schwartz

And here’s what Abhik Prasad had to say about Bootstrapping: Weapon of Mass Reconstruction on his Damn’d blog:

“The interviews are pretty detailed and provide good insights into how various folks started their business (their initial struggles-the perseverance-and how one becomes an overnight success through 10 years of hardwork, etc., etc.)… I follow Om Malik and Rafat Ali’s blogs so it was very interesting to read their stories.

A very decent read overall, and I loved the last few lines in the book:

‘We are nothing. We are insignificant. We are a single speck of dust in the continuum of time.

So why be afraid of failure?’

So if you are budding entrepreneur, or even planning to become one, it will do you good to grab a copy.”

All of Sramana Mitra’s “Entrepreneur Journeys books are available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle, and from in all e-book formats. “Entrepreneur Journeys” and now “Bootstrapping” can also be found in bookstores in India.

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