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Entrepreneur Journeys Book Review: Niches Abound Within Niches

Posted on Thursday, Dec 17th 2009

A reader shared a nice review of Bootstrapping: Weapon Of Mass Reconstruction on Slide Share:

“I just finished reading Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 2. Like the first volume, this book uses an interview style presentation, which may be a put off to some people, but I rather like it. You feel more like you’re truly getting the information from the source. A number of interesting insights came to mind while reading:

-Market segmenting is more than just race, gender and age
-Niches abound within niches

This last one really struck me in a couple of the interviews. The author never states it outright, but a number of the successful companies found their success by locating niches within niches. I’m going back to my marketing team now to ask, ‘What is the most valuable 10-20 percent group within our customer base? How do we provide unique value to them? How do we communicate this value?’

Thanks once again Sramana for an excellent read.” 

Bootstrapping, Weapon Of Mass Reconstruction, as well as Entrepreneur Journeys and Positioning: How To Test, Validate, and Bring Your Idea To Market are all available from in paperback and Kindle, and from in all e-book formats.  Entrepreneur Journeys and Bootstrapping, published by Hachette India, are for sale in bookstores in India.

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