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Entrepreneur Journeys Book Review: Entrepreneur Journeys Vol. 3 Kicks SaaS

Posted on Thursday, Nov 19th 2009

From Alan Brochstein’s post, Sramana Mitra’s Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 3 Kicks SaaS, on his AB Analytical Services blog:

“I enjoyed “Positioning” as much as her first “Entrepreneur Journeys” despite its being more narrowly focused.  It’s quite an easy read given that it is essentially a collection of short stories used to illustrate some key insights. For those curious about what makes companies successful, how technology can lead to solutions or perhaps the more specific goal of Mitra – how to “go to market”, “Positioning” delivers.”

You can read the complete review here.

And from a terrific review of “Positioning” by Jim Stroup on his Managing Leadership blog:

“Another feature that I have found to be especially valuable in this series, is the no-nonsense approach to management that these entrepreneurs, forced to sail so harrowingly close to the wind, are compelled to learn and to apply so effectively in their rapidly growing companies.

There is no chin-stroking, skyward-gazing theorizing going on here. Reading this book will underline for you how only large organizations who may have essentially lost their way, and who have the resources to deceive themselves about the meaning of the wind spilling out of their sails, can afford the destructive luxury of such musing about the latest fads.

These entrepreneurs have no time for that. They have to produce results – not just to stay afloat, but to stay ahead of gathering winds seeking to fill the sails of their successful organizations. This results in unexpected – but inevitable – sharp insights about not just the power of positioning, but of managing everything essential to a viable, growing operation – especially its people.

And on top of all that, you will learn more about SaaS and, of especial value, gain an insider’s view of cloud computing’s growing influence in business. The author suggests that these developments, combined with intelligent positioning, may ultimately bring about the demise of the mighty low-cost oriented outsourcing phenomenon, hitting India particularly hard.

Another gem by Sramana Mitra.”

You can read this entire review here.

Positioning, and all of the Entrepreneur Journeysbooks by Sramana Mitra are available from

In India, “Bootstrapping: Doing More With Less” is now available in bookstores. 

Here is a review and interview in The Financial Express, “Depend more on mentor capital than VC”.

And from a reviewfor

“Teeming with vivacious entrepreneurial tangents, theories and behind-closed-doors experiences, ‘Bootstrapping’ is a must for all those looking to start up — and sustain — their own businesses.”

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