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Entrepreneur Journeys Book Review: A Peek At The Way The Minds Of Great Entrepreneurs Work

Posted on Saturday, Feb 20th 2010

From Shubashree Desikan’s review of Entrepreneur Journeys for The New Indian Express:

“If you are keen on starting your own business and want a peek at the way the minds of great entrepreneurs work, Sramana Mitra’s series, Entrepreneur Journeys, is a good place to start. The first two volumes consist of highly informative and insightful interviews with some of the star entrepreneurs of recent times from all over the world. In these interviews, each person reveals his or her approach to solving what at the time appeared to be insurmountable obstacles to the growth of their firms.

Volume One Entrepreneur Journeys is a motivational book. The 11 interviews in this volume reveal what motivated various people who are now household names in the world of business through the obstacles of starting up their own company. The focal points range from tackling cost issues to competing with ruthless market demands and the obstacles in overthrowing giants. The story of Philip Courtot of Qualys is an interesting case in point.  

Volume Two Bootstrapping deals with the problem startups face when competing and dealing with giant-sized problems, preparing the market for innovative products and so on. It consists of interviews with twelve entrepreneurs, some of whose challenges lay in lack of venture capital; others who had to be clever and innovate in the way of handling the market and yet others whose strength lay in reinventing and transforming old unsuccessful identities.”

You can read the entire article here

How To Build A Business In Clean Energy is the topic of this excellent Renewable Energy World Podcast.  Sramana Mitra, Wayne Krouse (founder and CEO of Hydro Green Energy) and Danny Kennedy (co-founder and president of Sungevity) join Stephen Lacey for a roundtable discussion on finding a core idea, getting funded, building a team and growing your business in the face of adversity.

Wayne Krouse’s start-up story is detailed in Sramana Mitra’s Bootstrapping book.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.

Sramana Mitra also discussed entrepreneurship and renewable energy with Sheryl Parks of KBZNZ/Business Talk Radio’s Sparks To Flame Show.  You can find the recording of this interview here.

And check out Rieva Lesonsky’s article, 1 Million Entrepreneurs, $1 Million Strong?  A Worthy Goal for SmallBizDaily.

Entrepreneur Journeys, Bootstrapping, and Positioning are all available from in paperback and Kindle, and from in all e-book formats.  Entrepreneur Journeys and Bootstrapping, published by Hachette India, are for sale in bookstores in India.

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