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How to Build and Monetize a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog: Introduction

Posted on Saturday, Oct 2nd 2021

I started blogging on Technology Entrepreneurship in April 2005. The Internet was different then. There was no Smartphone. Social Media was just starting. Facebook and LinkedIn were new concepts.

Today, in 2021, building and monetizing a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog requires a very different strategy than the one I started with.

In this multi-part series, I will lay out a fully fleshed out roadmap of how to do so with contemporary tools.

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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being: On the Passing of Naren Gupta (Part 1)

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 28th 2021

Naren died.


My pear tree

still has some golden leaves.

Rain drips disbelief.

It can’t be.

It is.

These are the only lines I could come up with on Sunday afternoon.


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I am.

Posted on Monday, Dec 20th 2021

My friend Betsy Corcoran, also my former editor at Forbes, came to one of my roundtables this year to discuss EdTech. She’s also the founder of EdSurge.

She read this poem that I have chosen to close the year with, and wish you happy holidays.

What You Missed That Day You Were Absent from Fourth Grade
Written by Brad Aaron Modlin

Mrs. Nelson explained how to stand still and listen
to the wind, how to find meaning in pumping gas,
how peeling potatoes can be a form of prayer. She took
questions on how not to feel lost in the dark
After lunch she distributed worksheets
that covered ways to remember your grandfather’s
voice. Then the class discussed falling asleep
without feeling you had forgotten to do something else—
something important—and how to believe
the house you wake in is your home. This prompted
Mrs. Nelson to draw a chalkboard diagram detailing
how to chant the Psalms during cigarette breaks,
and how not to squirm for sound when your own thoughts
are all you hear; also, that you have enough.
The English lesson was that I am
is a complete sentence.
And just before the afternoon bell, she made the math equation
look easy. The one that proves that hundreds of questions,
and feeling cold, and all those nights spent looking
for whatever it was you lost, and one person
add up to something.

Be safe as Omicron rages.

Yours, Sramana

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Tech Workers are NOT Quitting. They are Starting Up.

Posted on Monday, Dec 13th 2021

Two articles this week attempt to demystify the myth.

In The Economist, the phenomenon is explained thus:

The term is elastic, but in essence it makes the proposition that the pandemic has provoked a cultural shift in which workers reassess their priorities. People in low-status jobs will no longer put up with bad pay or poor conditions, while white-collar types scoff at the idea of working long hours. Some people have become lazier or feel more entitled; others want to try something new, or desire money less because they have come to appreciate the joys of a simpler life. This is, supposedly, leading to a tsunami of resignations and dropouts. There is just one catch: the theory has little hard evidence to support it.

And The Atlantic provides further analysis thus:

The great majority of this economy’s “quitters,” in the permanent sense of the word, are seniors. But they quit a while ago, and calling their decisions “resignations” is sort of weird. When a 70-year-old leaves a business she’s worked at for three decades, we don’t throw her a big resignation party. We throw her a retirement party. The pandemic economy—with its health risk of in-person work for the elderly, its economic shocks, and maybe even its rise in asset prices and savings rates—has produced a large number of early retirees.

The Great Resignation isn’t really about burnout. And it’s not really about what most people think of as resignations. To put it as concisely as possible: The Great Resignation is mostly a dynamic “free agency” period for low-income workers switching jobs to make more money, plus a moderate surge of early retirements in a pandemic.

In my world of high tech, however, a more interesting phenomenon is taking shape: tech workers are holding on to their jobs and starting companies on the side.

We recently ran a poll that speaks volumes.

The tech startup world has always been ambivalent about startups founded by part-timers. The refrain goes: You’re not really serious unless you quit and jump in with both feet.

I have never believed in this nonsense. And in 1Mby1M, we have always supported entrepreneurs who bootstrap their ventures with a paycheck.

It seems, the world is now catching up with us!

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Photo by Riccardo Annandale on Unsplash

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How to Teach Technology Entrepreneurship Using the 1Mby1M Methodology and Case Studies: Philosophy and Vision

Posted on Monday, Nov 15th 2021
Philosophy and vision of teaching entrepreneurship using 1mby1m methodology

Entrepreneurship is not a career. It is a way of life.

For me, this journey began as a graduate student at MIT in 1994. The world watched Netscape go public that spring, and the Internet swept over us like a virus. As I wrote my Masters thesis, I also wrote my first business plan. We were, as a generation, shaping the Internet during those early years, and, my degree in hand, I was ready to jump into the unknown – from then on really, I have been jumping into unknowns at every turn.

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How to Build and Monetize a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog: Workshop

Posted on Monday, Nov 15th 2021

On November 4, 2021, we ran a Workshop on How to Build Communities of Entrepreneurs EVERYWHERE:

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How to Build and Monetize a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog: Metrics

Posted on Monday, Oct 4th 2021

Metrics: What user and revenue numbers should you target?

Be ambitious.

But be realistic.

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How to Build and Monetize a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog: Community Strategy

Posted on Monday, Oct 4th 2021

Community Strategy: How should you engage with your community?

Once you have a community, you have to make decisions on how you wish to engage with them.

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How to Build and Monetize a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog: Social Media Strategy

Posted on Monday, Oct 4th 2021

Social Media Strategy: How should you engage with social media?

Social Media is a lot of little things.

You need a Facebook Strategy.

You need a LinkedIn Strategy.

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How to Build and Monetize a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog: SEO Strategy

Posted on Monday, Oct 4th 2021

SEO Strategy: What are the Search Engine implications?

I don’t believe in a lot of artificial gymnastics around SEO.

I have always written from the heart, with sincerity, with authenticity, with courage.

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How to Build and Monetize a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog: Syndication Strategy

Posted on Monday, Oct 4th 2021

Syndication Strategy: Should you syndicate your content?

I have had a lot of success syndicating to a variety of different media partners. 

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