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Series A Crunch: Real vs. Pseudo Entrepreneurs

Posted on Saturday, Jan 12th 2013

Much is being said on a daily basis about the Series A crunch. This is our series on the subject. In short, byte-sized posts, I will give you my thoughts on how to deal with the issue. Please note, this advice is entirely for entrepreneurs, not investors.

First and foremost, decide whether you are a real entrepreneur, or a pseudo entrepreneur.

Real entrepreneurs come to the game with vision, conviction, and an all-consuming desire to build something. They cannot help being entrepreneurs. So financing or not, these are the kinds of people who will figure out how to proceed.

Pseudo entrepreneurs are in the game for a variety of reasons. Money, may be. Perhaps to be cool. They will ‘do it’ only if someone finances their journey. If money dries up, they will quit, and do something else without material damage to their psyche.

Which of these describes YOU?

This segment is a part in the series : Series A Crunch

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