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Best of Bootstrapping: Seed Investors Who Like Bootstrapped Businesses

Posted on Friday, Apr 26th 2019

I would like to encourage bootstrapping entrepreneurs to start thinking about certain investors as bootstrapping partners. These investors, typically, LIKE capital efficient businesses.

They do not want to force feed capital into companies, unlike certain larger funds.

Their fund sizes are small, and they are set up to make money off smaller exits. [Re: Bootstrapping to Exit]

Please listen to a few conversations to get a feel for the point of view. There are many more on the Seed Capital series on our blog. You can also listen to the 1Mby1M Podcasts for more.

You can start by listening to what David Lambert has to say. He is Managing Director at Right Side Capital Management, a firm that invests small chunks of capital in capital efficient ventures. The firm is very much in line with the Bootstrapping to Exit philosophy we’ve been discussing.

Nitin Rai, Managing Director at Elevate Capital, makes a compelling case for investing in niche businesses with the upfront goal of scoring early exits.

My conversation with Yash Hemaraj, Founding Partner at Arka Venture Labs and Partner at Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV), also comes to mind. Arka has recently partnered with 1Mby1M to accelerate Indian B-to-B SaaS companies.

Mark Hasebroock is Founder at Dundee Venture Capital, based in Omaha, Nebraska. During our podcast interview he says the firm invests in the Midwest, likes small, capital-efficient deals and is open to early exits.

During another podcast, Sarbvir Singh, Managing Partner at WaterBridge Ventures, talks about the firm’s India-focused investment thesis.

This segment is a part in the series : Best of Bootstrapping

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