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Best of Bootstrapping: Bootstrapping with a Paycheck

Posted on Friday, Apr 12th 2019

As I started analyzing various paths to success via bootstrapping, one became absolutely obvious: holding onto a job and doing a startup part time. We gave this a name: Bootstrapping with a Paycheck, and published a book on the subject:

Entrepreneur Journeys Bootstrapping With A Paycheck (Available for order from Amazon Kindle)

In this eleventh volume of the Entrepreneur Journeys series, we take on the subject of starting a company while holding onto a full-time job. Entrepreneurs who have built sizable businesses while navigating the messy, cash-strapped startup phases using their own paychecks, or their spouses’ income, share their stories. The book gives readers the experience of sitting down with each entrepreneur, discussing over a cup of coffee the gory details of their decisions.

Risk appetite varies from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Family situations, financial obligations, constraints, etc., are often encountered on the road to entrepreneurial dreams. This volume is encouraging, taking a flexible, pragmatic approach towards startups.

Below are five case studies on the topic that you can read on the 1Mby1M blog:

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