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Vertical Travel Search Engine Kayak CEO Steve Hafner (Part 3)

Posted on Monday, Jun 2nd 2008

SM: When did you launch the service?

SH: It was October 2004.

SM: Can you give us an idea as to what kind of ramp you saw in terms of traffic building and adoption? The vertical search concept was still new in 2004.

SH: There had been folks who tried to do it in the past but they did not have the scale or traction needed. >>>

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Magma Squeezed From Both Sides

Posted on Monday, Jun 2nd 2008

I have not been too optimistic about the EDA industry’s growth potential. (Read: Future of EDA and Future of EDA Addendum). Last December, I had also recommended that investors stay away from Magma(LAVA). Their Q4 results, announced last month, were in line with my predictions. >>>

Deal Radar 2008: PayScale

Posted on Monday, Jun 2nd 2008

PayScale provides companies and individuals with compensation information by positions and job profiles of employees and employers around the world. They have a proprietary data-collection and reporting system which gathers the statistical records. The company claims to have the largest online database of employee salary information in the world. >>>

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Vertical Travel Search Engine Kayak CEO Steve Hafner (Part 2)

Posted on Sunday, Jun 1st 2008

SM: What gave you the idea for Kayak?

SH: Orbitz was a great company, but it never fulfilled on its original mission which was to help consumers find great airline and hotel deals. The reason it did not fulfill it’s original mission is because we could not convince every airline, hotel, and rental car company to list their products and services on Orbitz. >>>

Vision India 2020: Renaissance

Posted on Sunday, Jun 1st 2008

For years, I had been disturbed by the demolition of architectural heritage in India in the name of development. [If you haven’t already, please read my very personal account, As India Builds.] >>>


Posted on Sunday, Jun 1st 2008

Forbes has a special report on Outsourcing this weekend. Here’s our coverage on the topic: >>>

Vertical Travel Search Engine Kayak CEO Steve Hafner (Part 1)

Posted on Saturday, May 31st 2008

I have written endlessly about the verticalization of the web, and the rise of vertical search engines, vertical ad networks, and the threat they pose to Google. I have also featured Kayak in the Deal Radar series earlier, and here, I speak with their CEO for a comprehensive discussion on Kayak’s strategy. >>>

The Last Thing You’ll Ever Have to Read about “Sex and The City”

Posted on Saturday, May 31st 2008

By Richard Laermer, Guest Author

Arthur Harris of the Royal Air Force is often credited as the innovator of carpet bombing during World War Two, which was a tactic used to achieve the complete destruction of a target region and demoralization of its residents. When the head of marketing at New Line Cinema sends out his next batch of thank you cards, he may wish to extend special consideration to the Harris family. >>>