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Hello, Narrative: How America Builds and Tears

Posted on Saturday, Apr 12th 2008

By Richard Laermer, Guest Author

The Masters golf tournament opened Thursday. It is, in some ways, like Passover. It falls sometime in April, matters a great deal to a small segment of the population, and everyone else kind of looks up and thinks, “Oh, right, it’s probably time to take off the snow tires.” >>>

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Marvell: Fiscal 2008 financials

Posted on Saturday, Apr 12th 2008

By Vijay Nagarajan, Guest Author

In my previous article on Marvell, I provided a brief overview of the company strategy and product portfolio. Before we move on to dissect the various business areas, let us take a brief look at the fiscal 2008 financials. >>>

OpenSource Thought Leader and CollabNet Founder Brian Behlendorf (Part 6)

Posted on Friday, Apr 11th 2008

SM: Let’s talk some more about commercial accounts. In a way Subversion is like your Trojan Horse to get into a company!

BB: That’s funny! I prefer to refer to it as the thin edge of the wedge! At least that is not as bad as the term viral. I hate it when I hear OpenSource referred to as viral. The truth is that yes, it does become a great entry point for us. >>>

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Forbes Column 08: Fund Envy

Posted on Friday, Apr 11th 2008

My new Forbes column, Fund Envy, follows up on the previous one, The Real VCs of Silicon Valley with more on the venture capital industry, and the consistent move of capital and expertise away from true venture capital to money management.

And once you have read the piece, apply the formula I offered to the exhibit below … >>>

Good Time to Buy Autodesk

Posted on Friday, Apr 11th 2008

I have worked a lot with CAD businesses in their various forms, so I have a fair bit of visceral knowledge of the market. I own Autodesk stock, and have no intention of selling it anytime soon. With that backdrop, let’s look at their most recent financials and business metrics. >>>

Marvell: “A product cycle company”

Posted on Friday, Apr 11th 2008

By Vijay Nagarajan, Guest Author

As part of our coverage of the mobile chip vendor space, we looked at Qualcomm, InterDigital, Broadcom and Texas Instruments in great detail. We now move on to another interesting and aggressive fabless semiconductor company – Marvell Technology group. Earlier coverage on Marvell can be found here, here and here. >>>

OpenSource Thought Leader and CollabNet Founder Brian Behlendorf (Part 5)

Posted on Thursday, Apr 10th 2008

SM: CollabNet is a commercial company which secures traditional business contracts, right? Companies pay CollabNet versus CollabNet being an OpenSource provider? How does that all work?

BB: At one level we are software as a service. We charge for access on a per-user, per-month basis. Over the past few years we have developed our processes to the point where we can also run this on a customer’s site or network for them and if needed we can also give a client the rights and permissions to run it on their site or network independently. >>>

Don’t get Nervous with NetSuite

Posted on Thursday, Apr 10th 2008

Just like SuccessFactors, this was the first quarter since Netsuite went public. Earlier coverage is available here and here. Let’s look at how they are faring in this current climate of gloom. >>>