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Why is’s S&M Expense so High?

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 15th 2008

And it is finally official that is integrating Google Apps into its CRM applications to provide the first cloud computing suite for enterprises. Called Salesforce for Google Apps, it leverages the Platform and Google’s open APIs. Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Adventnet, whose company also competes with both and Google with productivity suite Zoho, yesterday wrote a scathing review of this move where he challenged’s financials, particularly its heavy sales and marketing expenditure. Let’s take a look. >>>

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OpenSource Thought Leader and CollabNet Founder Brian Behlendorf (Part 9)

Posted on Monday, Apr 14th 2008

SM: What are some of the more interesting projects going on in the OpenSource space?

BB: Recently I have been spending a lot of time with non-profits which are using OpenSource software in very creative ways. One example is the Grameen Foundation which runs an OpenSource project developing software to run a microfinance bank. They put it out there and they have 3,000 microfinance institutions in the world as potential users. It meets a certain set of conditions around sovereignty, flexibility, and ease of use that commercial software not only can’t do but would not do if they could. >>>

Vertical Ad Networks: Evolution

Posted on Monday, Apr 14th 2008

Another big funding round in the vertical ad network world: FM raises between $40 and $50M from Oak Investment Partners. Valuation: $200 Million; 2007 Revenue: $25 Million; 2008 Revenue Forecast: $60 Million. Not bad! >>>

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Micron’s Challenges

Posted on Monday, Apr 14th 2008

In an earlier post, I had looked at Micron’s prospects with the iPhone design win for its imaging chip. And just last month, Micron launched a separate division for its CMOS imaging business, Aptina Imaging that will provide it with more manufacturing flexibility. It also launched a new 9MP image sensor. >>>

OpenSource Thought Leader and CollabNet Founder Brian Behlendorf (Part 8)

Posted on Sunday, Apr 13th 2008

SM: Let’s focus a bit on the OpenSource universe itself. How do you see the movement changing and what do you see around you that is significant? Take WordPress for example; they just raised a ton of money. I run my website on WordPress and I don’t pay a dime.

BB: What is interesting is they have a software as a service model. When you are using WordPress for free you don’t even have to download it. One trend is that even though software as a service has risen there is still a reason to do things the OpenSource way. >>>

Ads on Blogs

Posted on Sunday, Apr 13th 2008

Steve Hodson says, “Advertising for bloggers has to change.” There are a number of Ad Networks that are trying to address the issues he raises. I am anxious to see how this plays out. I am now on Forbes, IDG, Washington Post and TheDeal (all powered by Adify, all business blog networks). >>>

Marvell: Storage Market Leadership

Posted on Sunday, Apr 13th 2008

By Vijay Nagarajan, Guest Author

In the prequel, I looked at Marvell’s fiscal 2008 financials focusing especially on the company’s expenses. As we move ahead, let me dissect its position in the storage industry in general and the hard disk drive market in particular. >>>

OpenSource Thought Leader and CollabNet Founder Brian Behlendorf (Part 7)

Posted on Saturday, Apr 12th 2008

SM: Do you have all of the project management capabilities as well?

BB: We are definitely a lot more than just a bug database. We also show you the features customers are asking for. We can let your customers vote on potential features. When your customer base starts ranking their priorities you gain incredible visibility. That feature becomes a key part of release planning and a form of a project management tool. >>>