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NBC Focuses on Women

Posted on Sunday, Oct 14th 2007

This week, NBC bought Oxygen Media for $925 Million. iVillage + Oxygen gives them a pretty big presence in the women’s demographics. I believe, iVillage is also pulling together a women focused vertical blog ad network with Adify, in which NBC invested alongside Time Warner. [Related coverage at Alarm Clock.]

So, now where does that put Glam Media?

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iPhone As Primary Computer

Posted on Sunday, Oct 14th 2007

I have been talking a lot about the laptop replacement device. Here’s a great article on the subject: Three Weeks With The iPhone As My Primary Computer by Mitch Wagner at Information Week.

Seems like the email client is a problem …

TeleWebSales: A Methodology Discussion with Anneke Seley (Part 11)

Posted on Sunday, Oct 14th 2007

SM: I think what I have seen is that India is incredibly process oriented. The big outsourcers who are doing call center type processes in India are on the ball in terms of process. However, it has mostly been in a customer support role and a technical support role; it is all inbound. The extra level of finesse that is required to actually conduct outbound telesales versus customer support is a very different skill set. The process piece is there, but that extra finesse to be able to engage people in sales conversations versus support conversations does not exist.

AS: That does not surprise me because it is such a different skill.

SM: I think it does not exist because people have not done it yet. I think it is a wide open opportunity. There is a great opportunity to create high powered telesales opportunities out of India, and do outsourced selling. They could do the selling on your behalf at 5% of the cost. What are some of the best case studies of effective leverage of your methodology which you have seen in your industry? >>>

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Mitch Berman’s Zillion TV

Posted on Saturday, Oct 13th 2007

Guest Author Mitch Berman’s ZillionTV is financed. If you want to know what the stealth mode ZillionTV is doing, reading Mitch’s posts below may give you a clue. But hopefully, it won’t tell all.

* Interview with Mitch Berman
* IPTV: Next-Gen Television?
* IPTV, Next-Gen Television: The Operators
* IPTV, Next-Gen Television: The Box
* IPTV, Next-Gen Television: Internet TV

Keep Secrets/Kill Image

Posted on Saturday, Oct 13th 2007

By Richard Laermer, Guest Author

When the search engine god Google was asked by the Justice Department to hand over search data in an effort to revive the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), it quickly refused. That was special. The question reared its head: “What does Google have to hide?” Could it be S-E-X? Cynics sure think so.

Google’s rivals Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo! were all cooperative, dishing out information on how often certain search terms get used. Some believe that for Google to reveal this information would be embarrassing and perhaps detrimental to the company since their data would surely expose how often their service is used by people to find what will get them off. It would reveal a major revenue stream for the company from a less-than-acceptable source. If the COPA were to discover how much pornography is indeed accessible and sought-after online it may have a strong case for implementing search filtering, creating restrictions on content that would hurt Google’s bottom line. >>>

TeleWebSales: A Methodology Discussion with Anneke Seley (Part 10)

Posted on Saturday, Oct 13th 2007

SM: When I have established new processes, I have had to test market segments using those processes. That is one issue that comes up a lot – which segment is ready to buy, which one can be an early adopter?

AS: And you might have the wrong profile of the person to sell into that segment. You might have to hire different people. You might have to redo some of your technology tools. They might not speak to your customers. There are all kinds of things you need to test and fine-tune.

SM: Let’s talk about internal versus outsourced, particularly with the advent of this humongous India phenomena. How do you read that?

AS: Most of our clients have internal operations. But I will say that there is absolutely every opportunity for outsourcers who understand what makes a world class inside sales operation. Again, the combination of the right people, the right process, the right strategy, and the right technology is essential. >>>

Indian GIS Market Heats Up

Posted on Saturday, Oct 13th 2007

We’ve been talking about the US / European GIS / GPS companies, which have been hot and busy with major M&A deals:

* Navteq : Bright Future if Managed Well
* Place and Location Services Growth Fuels Navteq
* Tom Tom + Tele Atlas: Perfect Match
* Trimble’s Compelling Growth Strategy
* Garmin Looks Great, But …
* Nokia Buys Navteq, “Place” Becomes Key

Meanwhile, the Indian market is heating up. Economic Times:

“The size of the geographical information system (GIS) market in India is expected to be $10 billion in 10 years, said speakers at a business conclave during the ongoing 58th International Astronautical Congress.

Annual revenues of the global GIS market are expected to grow from an estimated $4 billion to $150 billion in the next decade.”

Remember, I once talked about a Concept Arbitrage on Navteq? I hope some of you are going for it!

Online Video Beneficiaries: Synthesis

Posted on Friday, Oct 12th 2007

Online Video is a clear growth market, and many parts of the ecosystem are benefiting as a result. I have done a series called
Online Video Beneficiaries, which you can catch up on here:

* Online Video Beneficiaries: Introduction
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Polycom
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Cisco
* Online Video Beneficiaries: 3Com? >>>