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Leadership Profile: Tom Werner (Part 11)

Posted on Monday, Apr 23rd 2007

In order to have a mass market which could potentially consume all residential market (and expansion of commercial markets) places, awareness and motivation (incentive) must exist among the consumers. Further advocacy would also help grow the energy production market by utility companies.

SM: What is the level of awareness and motivation in the marketplace to adopt solar energy? TW: Here, in sunny California, we have one view of America, and with the California Solar Initiative it is becoming much easier and more economical to buy a solar solution. The industry is scaling and it is becoming far more easy and economical to buy a solar system.

You do not see that elsewhere in North America. The utilities commission in California created a market that is scaling the industry, led by SunPower’s lower cost. It is not unusual for California to lead the way in areas such as renewable energy. >>>

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Wize up on what to buy (Part 1)

Posted on Monday, Apr 23rd 2007

Following my conversation with TheFind, a lifestyle shopping service, here, we explore Wize, a product research engine. In this discussion, I am speaking with Tom Patterson, CEO.

SM: Please describe your business value proposition and your product.

TP: Wize is focused on helping people decide what to buy. We do this in several ways.

First, we use all the user and expert reviews we can find on the web to give each product a 1 – 100 score, or Wize Rank. Wize Rank is the quickest, easiest way we know to figure out which products are best, and to filter out the ones that aren’t worth considering. Since it’s based on an algorithm, Wize Ranks are completely impartial and can’t be manipulated.

The next thing we do is collect other information related to product
research – specifications, stores, prices, and “buzz” (akin to popularity)
and present them to customers as simply and clearly as possible. >>>


Posted on Monday, Apr 23rd 2007

By Patti Wilson, Career Coach and Guest Author

[A friend of mine forwarded this article on Google by Patti Wilson. The perspective is so very different from the rah-rah perception of Google, that I asked for her permission to publish it here.]

Google might be a great place to work for a certain population of people but the hyperbole is over the top and inaccurate about it being one of the best places to work according to Fortune Magazine. Those lists are pretty subjective anyhow.

I have collected over the years anecdotal information about most Silicon Valley company cultures. Yes, I do have a point of view about Google and it is based, not on its product, but on years of feedback and input from reliable sources: my clients. >>>

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The Mystery of Katoor

Posted on Monday, Apr 23rd 2007

So, were you able to identify the hero of my story? Yes, it was Raj Reddy, world famous Computer Scientist.

I have been speaking with him often, and one of the questions we kicked around recently was as follows:

(1) 99% of gifted rural youth don’t get the opportunity. The same is true in India and in Alabama or Virgina.

(2) 99% of gifted youth in general don’t get the right opportunity either.

What are the barriers? >>>

Designs That Move: Issey Miyake Watch

Posted on Sunday, Apr 22nd 2007

“The designer’s imagination is infinite, as time flow. But even the time is the subject to design: look what they create!”

Read more about uncommon watch designs here.

im watch

Designs That Move: Fabric & Fabrication

Posted on Sunday, Apr 22nd 2007

I’m not sure who designed this, but since I was on the subject of Issey Miyake, who has been a great experimenter with innovative fabrics and fabrication, this design just blew me away! I don’t believe this is one of his, though.


Designs That Move: Reiko Ishiyama Brooch

Posted on Saturday, Apr 21st 2007

“The delicious paradox of quantum physics is that matter exists simultaneously as particle and as wave. Much of Reiko Ishiyama’s recent jewelry shares that strange condition, appearing concurrently as both object and gesture, point and vector.”

See more of Reiko’s work here.


Designs That Move: Wright’s Xanadu Gallery

Posted on Saturday, Apr 21st 2007

The San Francisco Maiden Lane gallery (previously a gift store) was used by Frank Lloyd Wright as a physical prototype, or proof of concept for the circular ramp at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

More on wikipedia.