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The Million Dollar Club: Mansa Systems

Posted on Thursday, Jan 24th 2013

San Francisco-based Mansa Systems, led by founder Siva Devaki, is one of them. Mansa provides cloud, mobile, and social enterprise solutions, including cloud storage, secure document sharing, cloud telephony and more. In order to differentiate the firm from its competitors, Siva initially focused on Salesforce CRM, partnering with the company to build apps for Salesforce customers and publish them via AppExchange. Today, the company provides both products and services that extend the Salesforce CRM capabilities.

If you look at their portfolio of apps, you will find CloudDrop, a storage app built on the Rackspace infrastructure, as well as Slide2Lead, a nifty app to integrate SlideShare with Salesforce CRM. Each app is affordably priced, well below competition, and comes with the option of additional integration services from the company.

The company is entirely self-funded through the company’s services business, with no plans for outside funding at the moment. Mansa continues to expand by building strong partner relations with Salesforce partners such as Informatica, ServiceNow, and others. And with a U.S.-based potential market of over 40,000 customers, Mansa has already achieved $2 million in annual revenue.

Siva and his small team believe they will, one day, bootstrap to the billion-dollar mark. For now, getting to $10 million is on the immediate agenda.

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