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The Million Dollar Club: Sapience Analytics

Posted on Thursday, Jan 24th 2013

Another Pune, India company, Sapience Analytics, is the creator of an enterprise class solution designed to increase productivity and create ‘automated work visibility’ across the enterprise hierarchy – with no added managerial responsibility.

Sapience is intended to transform delivery output and capability in companies with employees dependent on the use of computers, allowing them to achieve up to a 20% gain in work output. By supporting automated deployment and upgrades, it connects to an organization’s existing internal applications, such as ERP and HRIS, to create maximum benefit without any additional effort.

Bottom line, by rolling Sapience out, enterprises get to optimize employee productivity.

Sapience, today, is deployed by a large number of major enterprises, especially in the BPO and outsourcing sector.

After bootstrapping for the first year and a half, Sapience Analytics received funding first from the Indian Angel Network in the amount of $350,000 in July 2010, followed by another $1 million in Series A funding from U.S.-based Seed Enterprises; the firm has money in the bank, but they are considering another round to fund aggressive sales in the U.S. With a total addressable market of $600 million, Sapience has crossed the $1 million annual revenue mark.

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