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The Million Dollar Club: Orangescape

Posted on Thursday, Jan 24th 2013

Chennai, India-based Orangescape, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company, has reached its million-dollar mark by catering primarily to large enterprises trying to move out of Lotus Notes to Google. Co-founders Suresh Sambandam and Mani Doraisamy spotted a gap in Google’s App Engine and over the last couple of years, successfully plugged it for many large customers.

By immersing themselves among Lotus Notes customers, they were able to get a visceral understanding of the issues facing them. One such issue was that enterprises had developed numerous long tail applications on the Lotus platform, and a move out would mean orphan apps all over the organization.

The key selling point was Orangescape’s ability to cost-effectively and seamlessly facilitate this transition through their PaaS solution.

After gaining traction with their first product, Orangescape launched KiSSFLOW in 2012. Also built to integrate with Google Apps, this workflow engine is designed for small and mid-size businesses in order to capitalize on their need for an organized system of mail and documents. The product pilot drew more than 500 customers. It is currently being validated.

While it bootstrapped itself to the Million Dollar Club, Orangescape has since raised $1 million from the Indian Angel Network.

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