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1M/1M: Outsourcing Module Of The Curriculum Is Ready

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 2nd 2011

Folks, some of you have conveyed, through our ambassadors, that you are looking for a module on Outsourcing in the 1M/1M curriculum. Well, I am happy to announce that this module is now ready and available for your consumption. We will also be layering on additional services on top of this module so that you can market your particular brand of specialization to the 1M/1M community in due course.

The intent of this module is twofold: (1) Help entrepreneurs build new outsourcing companies addressing the gaps in today’s market; and (2) help entrepreneurs bootstrap product companies using outsourcing services as a source of cash.

As usual, it contains video lectures and case studies, including a comprehensive discussion on blue-sky opportunities.

You can access it on the 1M/1M site, here.

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