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1M/1M: Oct 6 Video Conference

Posted on Monday, Oct 11th 2010

On Oct 6, we had a synch-up call for the global 1M/1M ambassadors over video conference. Initially, my instinct was to simply share the recording of the call with the ambassadors. Over the weekend, I thought about it more and decided that we will make the video available for all the readers so you can catch up on what’s going on behind the scenes in 1M/1M.

It has been an interesting journey, somewhat grueling for me personally, but nonetheless infinitely rewarding. In this video, I have shared metrics, strategies, projects where we need help, etc. I have also answered questions, and if there are additional questions, please feel free to ask here, I will try to answer.

I want to reinforce one thing I have said right from day one: I’d like 1M/1M to be a for-profit, self-sustaining business, and not a non-profit. We are trying to solve a big, hairy problem in a scalable manner. This is better done as a for-profit, sustainable business model, and not depending on charity.

I will also emphasize one more thing: 1M/1M is an educational program. We’re not a funding broker. Yes, we do make connections to investors, but we also make connections to customers, channel partners, and other influencers who can help you grow based on revenue without costing you equity.

Remember, over 99% of the businesses that go out to look for financing are rejected by investors. Our goal is not only to help the 1% find money efficiently, but also to coach and educate the 99% that is making numerous avoidable mistakes.

So. Without further ado, here is the Oct 6 video conference recording for all 1M/1M afficionados.

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Sramana, Excellent summary of what 1M/1M is all about!

irina Monday, October 11, 2010 at 8:46 PM PT