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1M/1M: Internships

Posted on Thursday, Mar 18th 2010

As I have written in column after column, there is a very serious crisis brewing for our youth. This recession has made it very difficult for young people — students and recent graduates — to find jobs and internships. Last summer, I received about 100 internship applications, and took on about 25 as unpaid interns. Some of them are still working with me.

This year, we have a great program in 1M/1M that can absorb a much larger number of interns — in the thousands, globally – because we have a team of 50 1M/1M ambassadors who can work with them and groom them as Internal Ambassadors (IAs). 1M/1M, as you know, is our initiative to help a million entrepreneurs reach a million dollars in annual revenue, build a trillion dollars of global GDP, and create ten million jobs.

Job Description:

Interns will become 1M/1M Internal Ambassadors and focus on an Entrepreneurship Development Organization [EDO]. An EDO can be a university or college entrepreneurship program, student club, professional organization, alumni club, technical group, social media group, or an incubator.

IAs work on specific EDOs with the aim of recruiting 100 entrepreneurs from that EDO into the 1M/1M program, orient them into the EJ Methodology, and bring them into the strategy roundtables.

In this capacity, you will not only be required to put to use your leadership skills, social networking skills, and communications skills, you will also be required to learn the mechanics of the methodology for early-stage entrepreneurship. Furthermore, you will need to teach the methodology to a large group of entrepreneurs. In this sense, it will be akin to a crash course in entrepreneurship education with the added benefit of building yourself a great global network. Oh, and it doesn’t put you $100,000 in debt!

Finally, you will be writing Deal Radar 2010 posts for my blog highlighting the companies in your EDO that deserve to be showcased.

But those are just a few of the benefits. As an IA, you will:

  1. Learn business and entrepreneurship by emersion into global 1M1M community of high-achievers.
  2. Get exposure to innovative ideas and business strategies and hopefully start working on your own business
  3. Learn critical management skills as you lead and educate.
  4. Make connections and build global relationships with possible employers or business partners.
  5. By showcasing entrepreneurial ventures from your EDO on my blog’s Deal Radar, you will bring them visibility, recognition, and potentially customer / investor attention.
  6. Make a name and build credibility for yourself while promoting entrepreneurship in your community.

Time Commitment:

Please apply if and only if you can commit to spending at least five hours a week on the program. The more you invest, the more you will get out of this project. I am very confident that this program will change your thinking about your career and life forever.

How to Apply:

Study the 1M/1M program page in detail and understand what it entails before you apply, and make sure you are willing to commit the time, energy and intensity that such a project deserves.

Then, make sure you join LinkedIn and complete your LI profile in detail, so that we can quickly and easily view your resume by checking it.

You will find the list of geographies and the corresponding list of ambassadors here. From this list, you need to pick a geography that you want to focus your internship on.

Then, within that geography, you would need to specify an Entrepreneurship Development Organization (EDO) that you are interested in working with as an Internal Ambassador (IA).

Next, go to the LinkedIn group, 1M/1M Ambassadors and send in a Request To Join message which should also serve as your cover letter, and state the following:

* What attracts you to the 1M/1M project
* What are your career aspirations
* Your preferred Geography
* Your chosen EDO [If you are plugged into your school’s entrepreneurship program, student club, or alumni club, those could be excellent EDO choices.]
* Your guarantee that you would be willing to spend at least five hours a week on the program.

Note: These are unpaid internships, and can easily be combined with other paid internships.

Together, we hope to check the staggeringly high Infant Entrepreneur Mortality (IEM) rates that prevail in the entrepreneurship business, and help a million entrepreneurs reach a million dollars in revenue, and beyond. Good luck!

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I am one of the first 1M1M Ambassadors and we have amazing group of people from around the world, not to mention Sramana at the helm, and her expertise, leadership and abilities are simply awesome!

And for students, I just cant see a better way to get ready for the real world. Here are top three issues that 1M1M initiative addresses.

1. Lack of jobs due to worldwide recession.

1M1M helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch their own businesses and rapidly go-to-market aiming for $1million in revenues and create new jobs in the process.

2. Many college graduates are not ready for the real world.

1M1M places aspiring entrepreneurs right into global enterprise community of working professionals who think in terms of revenues, scaling, execution, rather then workshops, lectures, textbooks.

3. College graduates don’t have much of a chance to practice critical thinking.

1M1M encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to start working on their own businesses. When you have your own revenues at stake you will learn critical thinking fast!

I can go on and on.. But I’d rather let others talk.. If you have any questions about my personal experience with 1M1M, I’d be happy to answer here.

Irina Patterson Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 2:07 PM PT

I am interested in this internship program as it is my only chance at this level to judge my skills as an entrepreneur which has been my dream.I cannot let go of this opportunity.But,I am a final year engg student.I can give 5 hrs a week for this program.I understood the importance of the EDO.Is physical presence required at the EDO every week?Because my college is is located in a town and me coming to the nearest city with a participating EDO is difficult.Can the interaction be online and physical presence be once in a month or something? please help me out.

pratap Monday, May 24, 2010 at 8:57 PM PT

Hi, I'm Rendra and i'm interested in this program to develop my leadership skill. Is this internship available for college student at any year or do you have a specific one? also, what kind of actual task do we need to do? and do physical precense required? thank you for your help.

Rendra Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 5:34 AM PT

Please follow the instructions to apply. No physical presence necessary, and college students of all years can apply.

sramana Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 5:09 PM PT