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1M/1M: Ambassadors Finalized

Posted on Thursday, Mar 18th 2010

I wanted to give you a quick update on 1M/1M. We had an unexpectedly large number of people who applied to become 1M/1M ambassadors. Over the past six weeks, we have worked together, ironed out what we’re going to do with the program, and figured out who is going to do what.

The most important piece of this is having the 1M/1M Ambassador list finalized. You will find the list here. They’re all on LinkedIn, and if you want to reach an ambassador for a particular geography, please feel free to contact them via LI.

Additionally, we have also been closing EDO partnerships. That list is here. Many more discussions are in flight, and you will see others come on board shortly.

Finally, we are now recruiting Internal Ambassadors (IAs) attached to specific EDOs for each geography. IAs work on specific EDOs with the aim of recruiting 100 entrepreneurs from that EDO into the 1M/1M program, orient them into the EJ Methodology, and bring them into the roundtables.

An EDO can be a university or college entrepreneurship program, student club, professional organization, alumni club, technical group, social media group, or an incubator. If you are affiliated with an EDO and would like to become a 1M/1M IA for that EDO, please feel free to contact one of the ambassadors for that geography. Alternately, you can request to join the 1M/1M Ambassadors LinkedIn group. In either case, please specific in your message what geography and what EDO you want to focus on.

Finally, all ambassadors need to be commit a minimum of five hours a week to the initiative, so before you express your interest, please make sure you have the bandwidth to do this right.

Together, we hope to check the staggeringly high infant entrepreneur mortality (IEM) rates that prevail in the entrepreneurship business and help a million entrepreneurs reach a million dollars in revenue, and beyond.

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