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Rendezvous Online Recording: July 28, 2020

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 29th 2020

Sharing insights and answering questions from entrepreneurs on building successful startups. Some audience questions answered by Sramana:
– What are some new startup ideas?
– Looks like a lot of opportunities are in the field of Mobile Apps, online education, retail services. Does one need to be a developer to start up in the above areas? If a non-developer has a vision, how can he engage the right partner to develop a mobile/online ecosystem without losing the IP?
– What is the strategic way to hire after Covid 19?
– How do you recruit the right candidate for the CEO position?
– Your startup idea suggestions are excellent but they require cultural changes. They require changes in the thought process. Such changes unfortunately take enormously long time. How can one resolve this?
– How can I get feedback from you on my venture?

This segment is a part in the series : Rendezvous Online Recording

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