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Rendezvous Online Recording: March 24, 2020

Posted on Sunday, Apr 26th 2020

Some audience questions answered by Sramana:
• What are your top five predictions on the after effects of the Corona virus in America and Europe?
• What types of businesses will thrive in the corona virus era?
• What is your opinion of “failing is not bad?” It’s a way to learn for entrepreneurs.
• What would you do if you were running a venture capital fund? There are so many. How would you differentiate?
• Can you discuss the buy side of Bootstrapping to Exit?
• Will YCombinator accept applications with only an idea?
• Are there any examples of successful startups that began with one founder in their basement?
• How can I get feedback from you on my venture?

This segment is a part in the series : Rendezvous Online Recording

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