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Entrepreneur: Is Your Business Fundable?

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2012

By guest author Irina Patterson

Have you seen this? Entrepreneurs seek funding year after year, only to never get funded. Have you wondered why? It’s simple: Most likely, it is because their business is not fundable.

What does this mean? Some businesses will just never be venture fundable, no matter what their entrepreneurs do. The only way to build them is by alternative financing.

For other businesses, all they need is a tweak or two to become fundable.

Still others need more than a tweak or two, but with some corrections, those too can become fundable in time.

It is sad to see how many entrepreneurs waste their precious time and suffer rejection after rejection. We all know that rejections are painful, no matter how strong you are. These rejections by investors are a waste of your time and resources. They also unnecessarily undermine your self-esteem.

Is your business fundable? Call me this week, and I will help you figure out how to use 1M/1M to address your issues.

I can be reached at 786-301-2456 or Skype: irina_patterson

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