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Entrepreneur: How Well Can You Defend Your Business Idea?

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2011

By guest author Irina Patterson

We see it over and over. Entrepreneurs pitch to Sramana at the 1M/1M Weekly Roundtables. Sramana punches a few holes in their businesses. Entrepreneurs fall apart. Why?

Because most entrepreneurs don’t have access to world-class business experts. Thus, most entrepreneurs don’t develop strong ammunition to defend their ideas.

You don’t develop that skill by coding or talking to your peers. You need a skillful opponent who is willing to take your business apart for your own good. Angels and VCs will, anyway. And if you go to them first, you get rejected out of hand.

The 1M/1M program is a bootcamp. It’s tough. It is designed for learning and moving forward fast.

Our 1M/1M public roundtables are free and every week. Have you used it? Did you test your mettle against Sramana?

It is rare that you can find such an opportunity that is accessible from your location with a world-class business leader. And FREE.

I promise you, if you can defend your business against Sramana, you will be able to sell it to customers, employees, partners and investors.

Make the most of this opportunity and give yourself a taste of what a real world customer or investor discussion might look like. Register here today and pitch to Sramana at the next 1M/1M roundtable.

Feel free to call me at 786-301-2456 or Skype me at irina_patterson if you have any questions.

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