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Built To Enjoy: Andrew Fox’s 100% Owned $30M ClubPlanet (Part 6)

Posted on Monday, Jul 19th 2010

SM: Another market that has improved a lot over the past ten years is the Latin dance market.

AF: That we have something for. We started NocheLatina two years ago, and that is exactly what it is from. It is for second- and third-generation English-speaking Hispanics. That business is robust. We are almost always sold out of ads for that market.

SM: That market has always done very well. I have watched it evolve over the past fifteen years to become a vibrant community.

AF: I think what we are going to see with the new U.S. Census figures are a great deal more in terms of businesses that serve that sector. The U.S. Census shows we have more and more Hispanics in the United States.

SM: My passion is Argentine tango, and I keep in contact with that community.

AF: That is hot. Where do you find that in Silicon Valley?

SM: San Francisco has one of the biggest, and definitely the best, Argentine tango communities in the world.

AF: I have never done it myself.

SM: New York has a lot as well. Do you know Dance Manhattan? It is a dance studio that has a big community of teachers around it. This is not a dance that you can just land on the floor and dance. You have to learn the intricacies and complexities of the dance. You have to invest time to learn it. All the communities that have done well have good teachers driving them. It is an interesting phenomena because Buenos Aires has gone through a revival of the tango over the past fifteen years or so.

AF: That is very interesting. I learn something new every day.

SM: You have built a $30 million company catering to the nightclub business, which is your passion. You have created what we call a “built to enjoy” business. What do you want to do with the business and yourself over the next ten to twenty years?

AF: I have thought about that a lot. The business is very successful and has a lot of room for growth. I think that we have a lot of suitors out there who mention really ridiculous numbers at times. This is such a great lifestyle business that I don’t know if I could ever sell it. All of my previous businesses I built to sell, but this time around you might find me right here in thirty years. I hope by then it is $300 million a year. Based on our growth trajectory, we are seeing really good signs of improvement.

This segment is part 6 in the series : Built To Enjoy: Andrew Fox's 100% Owned $30M ClubPlanet
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