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Built To Enjoy: Andrew Fox’s 100% Owned $30M ClubPlanet (Part 5)

Posted on Sunday, Jul 18th 2010

SM: When you look at your customer base from a consumer point of view as well as from a venue point of view, what types of events and genres of music bring in the most revenue?

AF: Electronic and house music are very popular inside the club. There has been a very large change over the past several years as people went from finding information via the old way such as newspapers and word of mouth, to using the Web to find that information. The acceptance of using the Web to find that information has definitely taken place.

We have seen that 92% of our audience wants to go out between two and three nights per week. They will only buy a ticket to something once a week. When they pay money to buy a ticket, they are doing it to go see a DJ who is really popular, or to hear an artist perform live inside the nightclub. The rest of the week they are going to bars and lounges with their friends.

SM: Does your business model include the bars and lounges?

AF: They will advertise with us, but they do not sell prepaid tickets.

SM: What about genres such as jazz?

AF: I am personally a jazz fan. Jazz represents a statistically small percentage of the overall music industry. It is, unfortunately, something that has not been that popular on our site. We have never had much traction from consumers demanding that information.

SM: Is there a possibility that you could work with foundations that are trying to promote jazz?

AF: That is an excellent suggestion, and I would say that we absolutely could. One of the benefits of the Web is that there is just so much more traction to be gained. We have been growing for so many years that a lot of times things that seem so obvious can be missed. I think you are absolutely right, and we could do more with that community.

SM: One of my passions is Argentine tango. I would have to guess that you have no presence at all in that market.

AF: It is funny, because as we become more mature people evolve out of nightclubs. Jazz, cultural music, art and museums become a factor in taking people’s time. We have often thought that we should consider purchasing a company that extends the life of our consumer. We have just never found another business model we could duplicate with such ease.

By the time our customer is 33 years old, we have lost them from the nightclubs. They are going for the things you are talking about. There is a great opportunity for us to do more there and something we could focus on.

This segment is part 5 in the series : Built To Enjoy: Andrew Fox's 100% Owned $30M ClubPlanet
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