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Forbes Column 2010: India’s Rising Tech Stars

Posted on Friday, Jan 8th 2010

Zero In this week features some entrepreneurs building product companies in India. You may have already read about them here on Deal Radar 2009. Read India’s Rising Tech Stars to find out more.

I would love to see more examples like these to feature on Deal Radar and on Forbes. Also, there are two companies: Clearpath and Wirkle, that we featured on Deal Radar, but not on this Forbes story. Both are service companies, but have crossed $1 million in revenue. For both companies, my suggestion is to take a small team and start building products within your core competency areas (For Clearpath, it is SEO, for Wirkle it is mobile applications). This is a very effective way to bootstrap product companies by staying close to your customers and leveraging your expertise to develop products, while bringing in revenues through services. Good luck!

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