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Book Reviews: No Luck Without Discipline

Posted on Tuesday, Feb 3rd 2009

I really got a kick out of this review by MIT freshman Tong Chen on Amazon:

“Entrepreneur Journeys condenses the aspirations of a dozen of entrepreneurs and present them in such clear and intriguing ways that everyone–even those with no background in business or entrepreneurship–can learn a great deal.

As a freshman at MIT, I stumbled upon this book during my Christmas break inadvertently. Never having thought about entrepreneurship or founding my own company, I opened the book with a sense of curiosity and even defiance–I felt strongly about becoming a quant or pursuing similar careers in the finance sector. Isn’t entrepreneurship just an euphemism for “self-employed” or just adventures people go on in an adrenaline rush? And isn’t success in this field based solely on luck? After reading just a few pages, however, I became instantly gripped by the the inspirations these stories carried. My misgivings for this sector of highly-motivated and responsible businessmen disappeared. Luck only comes after a disciplined foundation of technical expertise and industry analysis. Their pioneering vision, work ethic, and long-term insights–some having even paid for their startups’ employees out of their own pockets–changed my outlook for this economy and even my own career future.

I would strongly recommend this book to others who know little what entrepreneurship really is. I hope more people will read this book and become inspired as I was.”

I can only say this: That I hope many other students find similar inspiration from the book as Tong did. It is deeply satisfying for me to see even one young person feeling this way.

The book is available on Amazon.

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