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Book Reviews: Travel To The Land Of Innovation

Posted on Saturday, Nov 1st 2008

Here’s some book-related coverage that readers may find interesting…

First, Amazon Customer Reviews. We need more reader reviews for sure, so if you’ve been reading the book, please consider writing a review.

Several entrepreneur and small business sites have also reviewed the book:

*Starting and Running Your Business – Lessons from Other Entrepreneur Journeys on Branding & Marketing.
* review.
*Small Business Trends review.
*Deal Architect review.

And here are a set of interviews in which I’ve tried to explain the vision driving the book series effort:

* Personal Brands Are Measured by the Quality of Their Work on PersonalBrandingBlog.
* Forbes Columnist Discusses Entrepreneur Journeys (Podcast) and text on Schwartz Crossroads.
* Entrepreneur Journeys – A conversation with Sramana Mitra on LifeBeyondCode.
* Travel To The Land Of Innovation on Invincibelle.

Some fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs got excited about the book deal with Amazon. A few have said to me in private that they’re going to pursue their books in this mode going forward. Some of them I have even connected to Amazon.

* Sramana Mitra’s Amazon Adventure on Silicon Moon.
* 6 Ways Authors Can Succeed on PBS MediaShift.
*Sramana Mitra, Forbes columnist and serial entrepreneur
*Capitalism Revisited

¬†We’ve had strong interest in review copies, and Maureen has shipped some 75 of them already. It has been a fun learning experience for me. Books are selling. We have had interest from traditional publishers as well, and will probably sell the non-Amazon and international rights (yes, Indian readers, I am going to get the book to you) to one of them in early 2009.

And the roundtable with ReadWriteWeb, DimDim and LearnFromMyLife was well-received.

In all this, my commitment to demystifying entrepreneurship and giving you ammunition with which you can launch and/or navigate your own entrepreneurial journey remains the focal point. I am working on getting volumes two through four ready in the next six to nine months.

And I continue to need your help in spreading the message.

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