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Book Reviews: Journeying With Technological Pioneers

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 5th 2008

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Mitra, Sramana
BookSurge (262 pp.) $16.95 paperback
September 27, 2008
ISBN: 978-1439206874

Mitra intersperses thoughtful commentary and personal experiences with interviews in this exploration of technology entrepreneurship that easily transmits the excitement of being involved in new developments. Meet a handful of entrepreneurs who will change the way you think about everyday activities.

From supplying rural India with solar electricity, paid for with a percentage of income earned in the formerly dark hours, to simplifying life and extending access to information in the developed world by means of web applications such as Kayak or SimplyHired, these innovators think outside the box.

With many years of experience in Silicon Valley in technology and marketing, including founding three companies, Mitra knows technology and its players. This first volume compiles explanations of new technology, entrepreneurial advice and business observations, recounted firsthand by Mitra and other entrepreneurs. She visits businesses involving such diverse fields as fiber optic networks, software, energy recovery and distribution and internet applications, while business founders share stories of how they discovered ideas and made them concrete, funded their startups, moved toward profitability and survived difficult markets. In particular, Mitra explores the software-as-a-service business model as one that has survived at least one recession and may survive another; provides commentary on identifying and serving unmet market needs; and illuminates the beginnings of several green businesses that operate around the world.

While the casual reader may be familiar with some of the businesses mentioned, many will be new. Likewise, some concepts will be familiar, and some may require explanation, which Mitra handily provides, such as a thorough description of Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The book won’t guide readers through a business proposal, but it will provide great insight into the questions and answers behind a start-up business. It succeeds in sharing the enthusiasm and sense of adventure of these technological pioneers and may incite action among its readers for further innovation.

Inspiration awaits readers in this volume of interviews with entrepreneurs.

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