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Forbes Column 08: Obama: Think Smart Cards

Posted on Friday, Dec 12th 2008

Zero In this week reflects on Singapore’s efficient use of technology to create incredible infrastructure that flows uninterrupted, and recommends some ideas to President-elect Barack Obama. While the problem of aging and unsafe roads and bridges needs to be addressed, it is equally important that the new administration take a broad view of infrastructure and automation technology to make using public and private goods and services easier.

But as the article discusses, smart cards are not just about convenience. Smart card initiatives can encourage responsible driving, offer solutions to persistent security problems and, as a program in Mexico shows, ensure that government aid to individuals is used as it was intended.

Read Obama: Think Smart Cards.

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Seriously? Are you really so insulated from reality that you would push this on the American public and not expect to take a pounding for your atrocious urgings? There’s a place for people with fascist leanings such as you express, maybe singapore, maybe zimbabwe but NEVER in the USA.

smores Friday, December 12, 2008 at 7:41 PM PT

Yes? Is it me who is insulated, or you? You should go study the development stories of the Asian tigers. Esp. Singapore.

And now China.

Study how they are building infrastructure.

Just by comparing Singapore with Zimbabwe you display an order of ignorance that makes me want to delete your comment.

On this blog, we try to have intellectual discussions, you know!

Sramana Mitra Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 5:13 PM PT