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Women Leaders

Women Entrepreneurs and Investors: Two Sides of the Proverbial Coin

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 22nd 2021

Is entrepreneurship different for women entrepreneurs?

Is there bias against women entrepreneurs?

Is the increasing presence of women investors changing the venture capital industry?

At 1Mby1M, we’ve been nurturing women entrepreneurs for 15+ years.

Throughout that journey, we have done extensive research on how women entrepreneurs are successfully building companies and finding different degrees and nuances of success.

All this and more are covered in these two courses:

Keys to Success for Women Entrepreneurs with Sramana Mitra

How Women Investors Think About Startups with Sramana Mitra

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Roundtable Recap: November 3 – A Successful Woman Tech Entrepreneur from St. Louis says There is No Bias

Posted on Thursday, Nov 3rd 2016

During this week’s roundtable, our guest was Stephanie Leffler, CEO of OneSpace. Stephanie has done a prior successful, bootstrapped venture from St. Louis and exited it. This time round, she has bootstrapped to about $350k in revenue and then raised venture capital from Highland Capital and others. Stephanie is a damn compelling entrepreneur. She doesn’t believe there is bias against women entrepreneurs in the tech industry.

Then, Sumedha Mupparapu from Pune, India, pitched her concept of a marketplace for renting books. We brainstormed about segmentation, logistics, and financials, and I advised her to model each carefully to gauge whether the cncept is viable given her assumptions.

You can listen to the recording of this roundtable here:


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Featured Videos

Bootstrap First to Exit, Bootstrap Again, Then Raise VC Money ALL from St. Louis: Stephanie Leffler, CEO of OneSpace (Part 1)

Posted on Monday, Jul 25th 2016

If you haven’t already, please study our Bootstrapping Course and Investor Introductions page. 

Stephanie bootstrapped her first company to $20 million in revenue from St. Louis. Her second, also from St. Louis, is venture-funded and crossed $10 million in revenue last year. Awesome entrepreneur, inspiring woman!

Sramana Mitra: Let’s start with the very beginning of your journey. Where are you from? Where were you born, raised, and in what kind of background?

Stephanie Leffler: I am from Northern Virginia in Fairfax. I was actually born and raised there. Ultimately, I went to school at Washington and Lee University. I found my way to St. Louis as part of my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve lived here ever since. >>>

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Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Blackbaud CTO Mary Beth Westmoreland (Part 1)

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 5th 2016

Blackbaud is a SaaS company that caters to the philanthropic segment—helping non-profits manage their donor management workflows. This interview explores the trends and evolutions of the sector.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s start by introducing our audience to Blackbaud and yourself.

Mary Beth Westmoreland: I’m Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Product Development at Blackbaud. Blackbaud has actually been around for quite some time. We’re the leading provider of software and services for the global philanthropic community. A big chunk of that is the non-profit space. We’ve grown our customer base by about 15% and our stock price by about 70% over the past two years. We’re a growing company. We serve more than 35,000 customers today in the philanthropic space and also the consumers. >>>

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Long Journey Over 20 Years: Paula Tompkins, CEO of ChannelNet (Part 1)

Posted on Monday, Jun 13th 2016

If you haven’t already, please study our Bootstrapping Course and Investor Introductions page. 

Paula Tompkins started her bootstrapped digital marketing venture in 1985. She has navigated massive industry level shifts, three significant downturns, and has managed to remain relevant. The company today does $20M+ in annual revenue.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s start at the very beginning of your journey. Where are you from? Where were you born, raised, and in what kind of background?

Paula Tompkins: I was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia. I was the first of my family to be college-educated. I went to Marshall University. It was a local university in my hometown. I graduated with a Business degree in 1974. My mother was a hairdresser. My father owned a shoe store. My father was a first generation Lebanese. My mother has a multi-generational Irish-English-Welsh background. >>>

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A Startup Idea to Help Empty Nesters

Posted on Wednesday, May 25th 2016


Over the years, I have observed a lot of people struggle with their newfound freedom as empty nesters. With children off in college after 18 years of dedicated nurturing, many parents find themselves lost. Especially for those parents with no professional identity, this phase of life becomes particularly challenging.

Demographic trends suggest that this problem is acute in stay-at-home moms who have spent a couple of decades chauffeuring kids around, attending school events, perhaps even volunteering at the kids’ schools.

I’d like to see some entrepreneurs take this problem on, and create meaningful platforms for engagement for these women who have a lot to offer to society.

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Startup Idea to Help Women Return to the Workforce

Posted on Monday, May 16th 2016


As I am thinking through the solutions needed to help older engineers reconfigure their careers [Ref. A Startup Idea To Help Older, Laid-off Engineers], I am also thinking about a related issue: older women trying to get back into the workforce.

I know too many talented women who are now in their forties and fifties, and some even in their sixties, looking to start working again. Their travails are gut wrenching. The ten-, twenty-year gaps in their resumes stare back at them like menacing, identity-destroying demons.

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Capital Efficient Entrepreneurship: Janet Kosloff, CEO of InCrowd (Part 1)

Posted on Friday, Apr 29th 2016

If you haven’t already, please study our Bootstrapping Course and Investor Introductions page. 

You know I don’t buy into the men saying that there’s a bias against women entrepreneurs in the industry. Janet doesn’t either. Here’s an opportunity to learn from her success in building solid revenues, and a profitable business.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s start at the very beginning of your story. Where are you from? Where were you born, raised, and in what kind of background?

Janet Kosloff: I was born and raised on Long Island in New York. My father owned a diner in Queens. He was from Brooklyn. My mother was from a small town in Central Pennsylvania. I had a fairly typical upbringing. I went to college at the State University of New York and I studied Nursing. I started my career as a nurse not necessarily because I had a passion for nursing. It was more so because I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. My family guided me into that career for the reason that I had an affinity for science. >>>

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Women Entrepreneurs – The Myth, The Minefield, The Movement

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 20th 2016

On March 31st, I gave a talk at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View for the Women Who Code group.  In it, I addressed many of the myths about being a female entrepreneur that are currently circulating in the industry. For example:

  • There’s a bias against women in Silicon Valley
  • You CAN and SHOULD try to DO IT ALL
  • VC rejection equals sexism
  • VCs hit on women

And many others.

Here’s a recording of the session. I do believe those of you who are navigating these issues would find this useful.


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299th Roundtable Recording On March 24, 2016: With DFJ Venture’s Heidi Roizen

Posted on Friday, Mar 25th 2016

In case you missed it, you can listen to the recording here:

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Roundtable Recap: March 24 – How to Build a Unicorn From Scratch – and Walk Away with Nothing

Posted on Thursday, Mar 24th 2016

During this week’s roundtable, we had as our guest Heidi Roizen, Operating Partner at DFJ Venture, who discussed her important article, “How to Build a Unicorn From Scratch – and Walk Away with Nothing,” and imparted crucial lessons to entrepreneurs on how to look at terms in a venture financing situation.

As for the pitches, first up, K. Raviteja from Hyderabad, India, pitched Free-U, a marketplace for financing. The concept is raw and needs a lot of work yet.

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