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Do Women Entrepreneurs Build Unicorns?

Posted on Monday, Apr 3rd 2017

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There is a myth in the startup eco-system that women entrepreneurs do not build billion dollar companies.

This is a MYTH.

Watch this inspiring 1 minute 33 second video of how Therese Tucker did build one:

If you prefer to read instead of watching a video, read these two interviews:

Can You Do It All? BlackLine CEO Therese Tucker

Can You Do It All? Eventbrite Cofounder And Mother Julia Hartz

Also, Kendra Scott’s story is a great one on how she built a Unicorn.

And we had Therese as a guest at our roundtable. Here is the video of that session:

Entrepreneurship is a complex juggling exercise.

The more ambitious you are, the more complex this exercise tends to be.

But please remember, you are not alone.

You do have a safe and knowledgeable female mentor to talk to whenever you need to.

Come talk to me to brainstorm, strategize, tackle roadblocks, weigh your trade-offs.



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