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Bootstrapped Entrepreneurship

Posted on Sunday, Aug 15th

The early-stage startup industry has fundamentally changed. Today, very few VCs practice real venture capital, so startup financing has moved largely to the entrepreneurs. Angels and small VCs do come into the picture, but even that takes a significant amount of validation work ahead of time. As such, in One Million by One Million, we teach the fundamentals of bootstrapping, and we believe that you need to do significant idea validation in the bootstrapped mode.

Here are interviews with some entrepreneurs who have successfully bootstrapped their ventures. We encourage you to  learn from them and replicate their business development strategies.

The Seed Capital From Angel Investors and Business Incubator series of interviews are designed to help entrepreneurs to understand how angel investors think; what companies are most likely to attract angels’ attention and why; what matters the most when angels evaluate a company; and how the entire process works.

These interviews are a must read if you ever consider angel funding. Here you will find straight facts that will allow you to make intelligent choices.

The government also provides access to seed capital through its various agencies and programs. It can also be a source of government contracts. Read interview with Sean Greene, associate administrator for investment and special advisor for innovation at the U.S. Small Business Administration, for details:

There are a number of organizations that provide working capital and other types of debt financing for entrepreneurs.  You should also consider these.

Remember, startup financing does not equal to venture capital.

Now, if you do want to consider venture capital, here are some interviews with VCs as well:

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