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Verigy Recognizes Design-Test Integration Needs

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 25th 2008

Yesterday I talked about the trend of the design and test sides of the semiconductor industry coming together. The industry is moving towards inserting “testers” into chips, thereby eliminating/reducing the need for high-end testers in most cases. In the next few years, we will see tighter integration between design and testing, and potentially more conversations between the EDA and the ATE industries. >>>

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Building A Vertical Ad Network Powerhouse: Glam Media CEO Samir Arora (Part 2)

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 24th 2008

SM: Was Rae a successful venture for you?

SA: Rae did well. We created navigational applications for Apple, then PCs, and later
worked with Wells Fargo and American Express. Interestingly enough, they introduced us to a small company called Mosaic. Once I saw what Mosaic was doing, I knew we had the legs to deliver our technology. I went back to the team and we made a decision to create a new company called NetObjects as opposed to continuing to make Rae evolve. >>>

Deal Radar 2008: Metaweb

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 24th 2008

Metaweb Technologies, a spin off from Applied Minds, aims to build a better infrastructure for the web. The company, co-founded by Danny Hillis, was spun off in January 2005, and is based in San Francisco, California. Its primary product is Freebase, ‘an open, shared database of the world’s knowledge’. This database is free to use and anyone can make contributions, query, build applications on it and use it in their own websites. The information in the database covers topics ranging from sports and money to society and the arts. Freebase is currently in Alpha. >>>

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Credence and LTX Merging

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 24th 2008

I have repeatedly expressed my views on the faltering EDA industry and recommended that it needs to innovate and consolidate. I had predicted the necessary tech takeover battle in the semiconductor industry and talked about the industry’s need to find adjacencies. Cadence’s bid to acquire
Mentor was yesterday followed by the announcement of Credence’s merger with LTX in an adjacent space. >>>

Building A Vertical Ad Network Powerhouse: Glam Media CEO Samir Arora (Part 1)

Posted on Monday, Jun 23rd 2008

Samir Arora is a serial entrepreneur with a history that includes Rae Technology and NetObjects. Aside from being chairman and CEO of Glam Media, he is chairman (and founder) of Information Capital LLC. Glam Media offers a self-coined ‘vertical content network’ platform. The Glam Media network includes over 400 publishers, all of whom receive an extensive platform of services through their relationship with Glam. Here I discuss Samir’s entrepreneurial roots and his current efforts.

SM: Samir, where does your journey begin?

SA: I was born in New Delhi. I had traditional schooling but was also very serious about acting. I was on stage as early as six and have been in 30 productions. I also wrote some plays and musicals. In school I had a very strong focus on math and physics. My family is filled with business entrepreneurs, which is where I get my passion for business. >>>

Deal Radar 2008: Mimosa Systems

Posted on Monday, Jun 23rd 2008

Mimosa Systems has designed a solution to archive and manage email, attachments, IMs and files so that companies can easily access historical communication. >>>

Naukri Can Roll-up Indian Consumer Internet Sector

Posted on Monday, Jun 23rd 2008

Info Edge (BOM: NAUKRI), which owns – the largest job portal in India – announced its Q4 results last month. Comscore data over the last 3-6 months shows that Naukri holds around 50% of the market share. >>>

Towards Personalization: Strands Founder Francisco Martin (Part 8)

Posted on Sunday, Jun 22nd 2008

SM: What is your distribution of workers? How many people are in Corvallis and how many people are in Barcelona?

FM: We have 9 different offices in the world with 150 employees. Sixty-two percent of our people are in the States, the rest are in Europe. >>>