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The Convergence Device Movement

Posted on Tuesday, May 15th

This page collects major posts on all aspects of the convergence device movement. Although there is a special focus on smartphones and the iPhone, GPS, GIS and chip makers are also included so that the movement can be seen for what it is, a system of interacting ideas, goals and manufacturing processes. 

Introductory Reading

*Forbes Column 2008: The Coming Convergence
*Trend Radar 2008: The Convergence Device Movement, which is part of a series on related trends such as miniaturization, usability and simplicity in design.
The iPhone

Now in its third incarnation, the iPhone dominates our page on convergence devices. This section follows the development of the phone as a replacement device for laptops.

*iPhone and the Future
*iPhone and the Future: Synthesis
*The iPhone as a Minimum Viable Product Archetype
*iPhone and the Future of Laptops
*3G iPhone Going For Market Share

The iPhone’s Ecosystem

This section is divided into competitors, beneficiaries and the iPhone and gaming. Posts on competitors are organized by company and include discussions of handset and operating system competitors and carriers. We then take a closer look at iPhone carrier AT&T and inside beneficiaries, including component and chip makers. The final section, gaming, offers analysis of some of the many new companies that have created games that can be played with friends, either on the iPhone or on social networks such as Facebook.

The iPhone’s Competitors

iPhone’s Competitors: Synthesis serves as an introduction to a more in-depth discussion of major handset and OS competitors:

*iPhone Competitors: Palm
*iPhone and the Future of Palm
*Jon Rubinstein (Palm) vs. Steve Jobs (iPhone)
*iPhone Competitors: Nokia
*iPhone and the Future of Nokia
*iPhone Competitors: Nokia’s Convergence Device Strategy
*iPhone Competitors: RIM
*iPhone and the Future of RIM
*Does RIM See The Gap in iPhone’s Defenses?
*iPhone and the Future of Microsoft
*iPhone Competitors: Motorola
*iPhone and the Future of Motorola

Our analysis of competitors ends with posts on carriers:

* The Carriers
*iPhone’s Carrier Competitors: Sprint
*iPhone’s Carrier Competitors: T-Mobile
*iPhone’s Carrier Competitors: Verizon

iPhone Beneficiaries: AT&T

*3G iPhone Impact on AT&T and Verizon
*iPhone and the Future of AT&T

iPhone Beneficiaries: Components and Chips

For an overview of the major players, see iPhone’s Inside Beneficiaries and iPhone’s Component Ecosystem: Synthesis before zooming in on individual companies:

*3G iPhone’s Top 5 Component Beneficiaries
*3G iPhone Effect on TI, Broadcom and ST
*iPhone’s Component Ecosystem: ARM Holdings
*iPhone’s Component Ecosystem: Broadcom
*iPhone’s Component Ecosystem: Intel
*Intel Shines Even Without iPhone
*Interdigital: Inside the iPhone
*iPhone’s Component Ecosystem: Marvell
*iPhone and the Future of Marvell
*iPhone Component Ecosystem: National Semiconductor
*3G iPhone and Qualcomm
*iPhone and the Future of Qualcomm
*iPhone and the Future of Qualcomm: Addendum
*iPhone’s Component Ecosystem: Samsung
*iPhone and the Future of Samsung
*iPhone’s Component Ecosystem: Texas Instruments
*iPhone and the Future of Texas Instruments

The iPhone, Convergence and Gaming

Several startups have found success creating games that can be played across platforms, including the iPhone. You may also want to check out the Gaming trends page.

*Deal Radar 2009: Mytopia
*Deal Radar 2009: Social Gaming Network
*Shervin Pishevar’s Dream: Social Gaming Network
*Deal Radar 2009: Zynga

The Wireless Chip Sector: An Overivew

Many of the posts in this section are part of Vijay Nagarajan’s extremely thorough analysis of how chip makers and semiconductor companies are changing their strategies as the convergence movement gains in scope and power.

*Convergence Device Chip Makers Battle
*Broadcom: Strengths and Weaknesses
*Broadcom: Aggression in the Cell Phone Market
*Infineon: Company Overview
*Infineon: Future and Strategy
*ST Microelectronics: Strategy
*ST Microelectronics: Wireless Business
*Texas Instruments: Mobile Market Strategy
*Texas Instruments: Wireless Business Outlook
*TI+InterDigital = 3G Consolidation?

Others in the Smartphone and Laptop Replacement Device Movement

*Tessera, a company that owns fundamental intellectual property for chip packaging that drives electronics miniaturization, and will definitely benefit from the convergence device trend, as will storage device makers SanDisk and Seagate and video content deliverer Mobixell. Another sector that should benefit is GPS and GIS:

* Navteq: Bright Future if Managed Well
* Place and Location Services Growth Fuels Navteq
* Nokia Buys Navteq, “Place” Becomes Key
* Tom Tom + Tele Atlas: Perfect Match
* Trimble’s Compelling Growth Strategy
* Garmin Looks Great, but …

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