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11 Udemy Courses on How To Build a 2-Sided e-Commerce Marketplace Startup

Posted on Monday, Dec 6th 2021

Two-sided marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular in the e-commerce startup world. eBay and Etsy are some of the most obvious examples of two-sided marketplaces, but now we are seeing a lot of niche and esoteric marketplaces as well all over the world. 

So what does it take to be successful in this kind of business? 

This Udemy course gives you real-world examples of successful two-sided marketplaces, as well as a step-by-step breakdown on how they were built.

  1. Building a Two-Sided E-commerce Marketplace w/ Sramana Mitra

You will be able to see that all the 1Mby1M methodology building blocks fundamentals were applied and that’s an important point to remember. 

You can, for instance, bootstrap a two-sided marketplace as a solo entrepreneur, with a paycheck, then raise money (or not). You can build a Unicorn (or not). 

If you haven’t taken the 1Mby1M fundamental courses before, please review them now.

  1. Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later with Sramana Mitra
  2. Bootstrapping a Startup with a Paycheck with Sramana Mitra
  3. Bootstrapping a Startup with Services with Sramana Mitra
  4. How to Bootstrap a Startup to Exit with Sramana Mitra
  5. How To Succeed As A Solo Entrepreneur with Sramana Mitra
  6. How To Build Unicorn Tech Startups with Sramana Mitra

Though we love bootstrapping, we never rule out funding. 

The following set of courses addresses the realities of startup funding at different stages, from Pre-seed to Series A. Use these courses as your guides. Get to know how investors think, so you can speak their language and attain that elusive holy grail of investor-entrepreneur fit.

  1. Alternatives to Unicorn Chasing Investors with Sramana Mitra
  2. How Pre-Seed Investors Think About Startups with Sramana Mitra
  3. How Seed Investors Think About Startups with Sramana Mitra
  4. Post-Seed and Pre-Series A Investors on Startups with Sramana Mitra

Here you have it. If you master these essential skills, you’d have an edge over many of your competitors.

If you have any specific questions, come and see me at a 1Mby1M free roundtable. Learn what to expect from 1Mby1M.

P.S. We’re looking to partner with community leaders who write blogs, teach and mentor entrepreneurs, and help support startup ecosystems in every corner of the world, no matter how small or how remote. I have written about my own journey building startup ecosystems around the world, and how you can draw from my lessons from the trenches. If you’re interested in partnering with 1Mby1M, please consider joining our ambassador program.

Photo Credit: Pexels from Pixabay

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