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How to Build and Monetize a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog: Introduction

Posted on Saturday, Oct 2nd 2021

I started blogging on Technology Entrepreneurship in April 2005. The Internet was different then. There was no Smartphone. Social Media was just starting. Facebook and LinkedIn were new concepts.

Today, in 2021, building and monetizing a Technology Entrepreneurship Blog requires a very different strategy than the one I started with.

In this multi-part series, I will lay out a fully fleshed out roadmap of how to do so with contemporary tools.

The outline of the series:

Blogging is hard. It takes immense discipline to keep a readership engaged and interested over a long period of time.

However, there are many benefits to blogging, of which, two are of particular significance. 

The first: Adding value to a broader community is extremely rewarding.

The second: Personal branding as a thought leader and a community leader is both a valuable career asset, and an immensely enjoyable experience.

I am writing this series in my seventeenth year of blogging. 

The strategy that has made me successful is not going to be your strategy.

You have modern tools at your disposal that did not exist when I started.

In fact, some of the tools I will point you to have only become available this year, in 2021.

However, I will draw from my experience to give you as precise a strategy as possible so that you can build something consequential with a reasonable degree of predictability.

Let’s get started.

Photo Credit: mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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