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1Mby1M Startup Fullcast Raises $4M in Series A Funding

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 5th 2021

Congratulations to Fullcast Co-founder and CEO Dharmesh Singh and the entire Fullcast team! Fullcast announced today that it closed $4 million in Series A funding to accelerate its growth as the only end-to-end RevOps platform. Back in February, we outlined the company’s position in Deal Radar and discussed the company’s bright future with investor Warren Weiss during our recent interview:

Despite the explosion of sales tech, attainment numbers for sales teams are at an abysmal 52%. This means organizations are making up for lack of planning alignment by hiring double the sales resources they need. To address this problem, Fullcast was founded in 2017 by Dharmesh Singh and Bala Balabaskaran as a platform for growing companies to streamline go-to-market planning and link the plan to execution-driven changes on the field.

“Working with the 1Mby1M team was perhaps the best decisions I made on the spur of the moment,” shares Dharmesh. “I was tracking 1Mby1M for a while and used to get their newsletters. I was always cynical about the pay to play model in the Bay Area. I tested the model quite late in our evolution on a whim and was surprised by everything. It was the best $1000 spent. I would strongly urge founders who are at the ideation stage to sign up – you will save yourself a lot of time, trouble and resources. Through 1Mby1M, I was introduced to Warren Weiss, a renowned former sales executive who worked with Steve Jobs at NeXT, and is now a successful VC in Silicon Valley.”

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