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Treasure Data Leverages Data Analytics for Organizations

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 13th 2021

According to a recent Allied Market Research report, the global big data and business analytics market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 11% to $420.98 billion by 2027. Mountain View-based Treasure Data is a leading player in the market that has had a few ownership changes over the past few years.

Treasure Data’s Offerings

Founded in 2011 by Bill Tai, Hiro Yoshikawa, Kazuki Ohta, and Sadayuki Furuhashi, Treasure Data offers end-to-end, fully managed cloud services for large data. It provides businesses with the ability to aggregate and translate large volumes of scattered and siloed data. It collects and analyzes necessary information to create a data-driven enterprise.

I met with Hiro a few years ago when he spoke with me about the idea behind Treasure Data. Treasure Data was created because the founders realized that they could create business value from data by focusing on running analytics. Data infrastructure investment did not translate to business value. They wanted to build a very advanced yet fully abstracted, easy-to-use data pipeline management service on top of the cloud.

Treasure Data was built to simplify customer data management and help brands transform customer experiences by identifying, engaging and acquiring customers efficiently in a flexible, scalable, and secure environment. It is focused across industries including automotive, CPG, Retail, Technology, and Publishing. Its cloud-based customer data platform empowers these companies to collect and understand massive amounts of data and transform their businesses by responding to the analytics behind this data and delivering new customer experiences. Organizations can maximize the returns from their digital marketing campaigns and advertising while using data insights to rationalize supply chains and even help design new products. Today it has more than 400 customers including LG, Wish, Subaru, and Canon, to name a few.

Treasure Data’s Financials

Treasure Data earns revenues by charging the customer based on data ingestion volume and resource allocations. It does not disclose its financials, but the company is still unprofitable. It is targeting to turn profitable by 2022.

Till 2018, Treasure Data was privately held, having raised $54.1 million in seven rounds of funding from investors including Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Scale Venture Partners, Dentsu, AME Cloud Ventures, SBI Group, Bill Tai, Sierra Ventures, and IT-Farm. Its last venture round was led by Innovation Network Corporation of Japan and SBI Group in November 2016 when it raised $25 million at an undisclosed valuation.

In 2018, Treasure Data was acquired by UK-based chip designer Arm in 2018 for an estimated $600 million. Arm planned on leveraging Treasure Data’s specialty in dealing with large streams of data to strengthen its nascent IoT play. After the acquisition, Arm worked with Treasure Data to roll out services that manage data on connected devices. But during the subsequent years, Arm itself got bought by Softbank. As part of its acquisition, Arm spun Treasure Data off as an independent subsidiary. Treasure Data now has a new CEO, Pankaj Tibrewal, who took over from Hiro Yoshikawa. Under the new leadership, Treasure Data is looking to expand into other regions in Asia such as Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, and Singapore.

Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

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