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Women Entrepreneurs and Investors: Two Sides of the Proverbial Coin

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 22nd 2021

Is entrepreneurship different for women entrepreneurs?

Is there bias against women entrepreneurs?

Is the increasing presence of women investors changing the venture capital industry?

At 1Mby1M, we’ve been nurturing women entrepreneurs for 15+ years.

Throughout that journey, we have done extensive research on how women entrepreneurs are successfully building companies and finding different degrees and nuances of success.

All this and more are covered in these two courses:

Keys to Success for Women Entrepreneurs with Sramana Mitra

How Women Investors Think About Startups with Sramana Mitra

Learn what to expect from 1Mby1M.

P.S. We’re looking to partner with community leaders who write blogs, teach and mentor entrepreneurs, and help support startup ecosystems in every corner of the world, no matter how small or how remote. I have written about my own journey building startup ecosystems around the world, and how you can draw from my lessons from the trenches. If you’re interested in partnering with 1Mby1M, please consider joining our ambassador program.

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