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Thought Leaders in Cyber Security: Idaptive CEO Danny Kibel (Part 1)

Posted on Friday, Jun 14th 2019

Danny discusses Zero Trust access management.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s start by introducing our audience to yourself and Idaptive.

Danny Kibel: I’m Danny Kibel. I’m the CEO of Idaptive. Idaptive is a new company that spun out earlier in the year out of Centrify, which is a cyber security leader in the identity and access management space.

Idaptive pretty much focuses on next-generation access that is one of the most challenging problems in the cyber security space today. So I’m really excited about leading this company with our modern approach for next-generation access.

Sramana Mita: Double-click down on next-generation access. As you do that, help us understand the competitive landscape and the ecosystem. Cyber security is incredibly crowded.

Every time I do one of the cyber security interviews, I always ask for an ecosystem map. Who are the players around you? Who’s a competitor? Who’s a partner? Who’s an adjacency? How does it flow within your ecosystem?

Danny Kibel: I’ll start with going a little deeper to the actual problem that we’re addressing. If you think about access in general in this new day and age where companies are going through digital transformation like switching over to cloud and basically using more and more SaaS, the systems are becoming more and more complicated.

As they have more employees joining and leaving, they have a lot of partnerships and employees from partnerships needing access to their systems, employee resources needing to be able to access any system in an intelligent way.

One of the biggest challenges is that this thing is really hard to manage as employees come and go and people change positions. Systems go up and down, switch over into cloud systems, and out of on-premise systems. To basically understand who has access to what system and being able to manage that in a secure and reliable way without causing disruption to the ongoing business is a big challenge.

What we basically do is focus on centralizing all the access through Idaptive and making sure that all users have the right access intelligently to whatever systems they need to get access to.

We leverage our solution uniquely – Single Sign-on, Multi-Factor Authentication, User-Behavior Analytics, and Enterprise Mobility Management. Basically using all of those technologies to ensure secure access to systems for all trusted users.

One of the trends we’re seeing is around Zero Trust access. One of the biggest challenges is the trusted challenge. Once the firewall has allowed you access to the system, you gain access to all systems.

Zero Trust access is a big trend that we’re leading the charge with. It basically means the same methodology that requires verification for every access request. So there is no longer a trusted network where you can access through and basically gain access to all systems.

Every access request is validated and verified before the user can get access to. That’s one of the unique propositions that we provide. 

This segment is part 1 in the series : Thought Leaders in Cyber Security: Idaptive CEO Danny Kibel
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