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Marylene Delbourg-Delphis

Posted on Saturday, Nov 10th 2018



Marylene Delbourg-Delphis is a serial technology CEO, executive consultant and board member who has focused on avant-garde products throughout her career.

For 30 years, she has empowered organizations to continuously reshape their future by creating breakthrough platforms and applications as a full-time CEO (4 companies), shadow CEO, board member or advisor (over 30 companies). In 2018, she was awarded the French Legion of Honour, the highest order of merit for military and civil accomplishments.

She has been directly involved in areas that matter to every single company today: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Storage and Analytics, Business Process Management and Digital Transformation, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Social Networks, Cloud Management, Lean Supply Chain Management, Platform and architecture independent data interchange, Search Engine and Web Site Marketing Optimization, Database Management Systems, Talent Management and Employee Engagement, etc.

In her new book, Everybody Wants to Love Their Job: Rebuilding Trust and Culture, Marylene Delbourg-Delphis draws from her experience as a serial CEO, executive consultant, and board member; from the considerable body of organizational studies performed by researchers throughout the world; and from larger data sets of employees’ emotions collected in multiple companies using Workrise, a comprehensive platform that leverages vetted methodologies in behavioral economics.

The book offers a wealth of information on how best to hire, design work in order to embed deeper meaning in every employee’s job as much as possible, and create a vibrant company culture.

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