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10 Tech Entrepreneurs Who Did NOT Move to Silicon Valley in Podcasts

Posted on Friday, Sep 22nd 2017

Let’s say you want to build a great tech company. Should you start by moving to Silicon Valley? Or, can you do it from right where you are, right from your own hometown?

I suggest start validating your startup idea and building from right where you are. Today, it is no longer necessary for ambitious entrepreneurs to be in Silicon Valley. Great tech companies, even billion dollar Unicorns, can be built from anywhere. Listen to the following 30-minute podcast interviews with some successful tech entrepreneurs who have done just that.

Sinclair Schuller, CEO and Co-Founder of Apprenda – Sinclair built this enterprise software company with $55 million in financing from Upstate New York. He has raised funding from Silicon Valley, but without moving here. Listen to what he has to say about moving to the Valley.

Alexandre Wentzo, CEO of Casewise – This enterprise software company was started in London and has scaled in the US. The company is self-financed and did $24 Million in revenue last year. Our discussion focuses on some of the nuances of starting an enterprise software company in Europe and scaling it in the US.

Christian Blume, CEO and co-founder of Cleverbridge – From Germany, Christian offers a European perspective to the question: “Is entrepreneurship only about the exit?”

Sergio Furio, Founder and CEO of Creditas – Sergio is building a FinTech company from Brazil that has just closed its $19.5 Million Series B. The conversation was a great deep dive into the Brazilian entrepreneurial eco-system.

Shane Evans is Founder of Scrapinghub – This is a virtual company with 5M Euro in revenue and 132 people. They have employees in 43 countries and operate 100% virtually.

Rob Purdy, Founder and Global CEO at Power2Motivate – Based out of Ontario, Canada, Rob’s is a classical 1Mby1M case study that I suggest you take a look at.

Stefania Mallett, CEO at ezCater – Stefania raised multiple seed rounds, and then, over a period of a decade, $70 million. Stefania describes her journey of building a 2-sided marketplace for catering services that will do a billion dollars in billing soon. This is a great story of a woman entrepreneur who focuses on data, metrics, and results, not bias!

Hugh Massie is CEO at DNA Behavior International – This a company that had a slow start and hovered in the $2-3 Million revenue range for the first six years of its existence. Today, this fully bootstrapped company does over $10M in revenue and is accelerating further. Hugh offers important lessons in managing a company that is ahead of the market.

Henry Schuck, Co-founder and CEO of DiscoverOrg – Henry is a first-time entrepreneur who has bootstrapped his company to $25 million ARR, and then raised private equity financing from TA Associates. Henry sees a clear path to $100 million. Very inspiring story!

Ludovic Huraux, Co-founder and CEO of Attractive World, and now Shapr – Ludovic discusses his journey from conception to exit. Among his many interesting points was a specific highlight on how he raised money from 80 investors.


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