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5 Thought Leaders in Healthcare IT

Posted on Friday, Oct 14th 2016


The cost of healthcare is a hot issue since costs can be prohibitive, not only for the average person, but for employers and providers too. Improvements in IT are expected to reduce these expenditures dramatically, to help keep healthcare costs down without sacrificing the quality of care that patients receive. The opportunities in Healthcare IT are clearly huge in multiple dimensions, and I am convinced that many businesses can and will be built in this segment over this decade. The following conversations with some top leaders in the field discuss where their businesses found traction and shed light on where other problems that still need to be solved exist.

  • John Palumbo, CEO of HealthRight – The US Healthcare system has much to be desired. HealthRight is trying to address a portion of the challenge.
  • Norm Wu, CEO of i-Human Patients – There will be an acute need for trained medical professionals as healthcare becomes democratised around the world. Norm discusses what his company is doing in this very important realm using online education principles.
  • Matthew Sappern and Emily Hamilton of PeriGen – Perigen is an amalgamation of a couple of different companies. This story relates how the entrepreneurs navigated a long journey.
  • William King, CEO of Zephyr Health – Continuing on our theme of ‘Bootstrap First, Raise Money Later’, here’s William King’s story of building a robust company in the healthcare industry, now funded by Kleiner Perkins.
  • Morris Miller, CEO of Xenex – Morris Miller was an original investor in RackSpace, and ended up running the company for almost seven years. Following RackSpace, he is now building a super interesting company in disinfecting hospitals and saving lives. Read on. Exciting stuff!

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