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5 Thought Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Posted on Monday, Sep 19th 2016


After publishing my recent article, Must-read Articles on Artificial Intelligence, in which I’ve shared my thoughts and concerns about AI, some have asked for more.

Here are my in-depth interviews with five (actually six) thought leaders who are deeply engaged in artificial intelligence development today that I hope will provide a good overall perspective on where and how AI is being applied today, where AI stands in 2016:

    • Or Shani, CEO of Adgorithms. Over time, the entire profession of media buying will be obliterated. Algorithms will do all the work. This is one of the sectors most vulnerable to be entirely automated by AI. Or Shani speaks on the theme and provides a great example of what is already happening.
    • Andreas Wieweg, CTO and Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions. Have you used Siri? Have you used Amazon’s Echo? Have you used any other natural language activated by personal assistant? The world of AI is rife with speculations on where this field is going, and this discussion is a wonderful expose on that topic.

  • Dave O’Flanagan, CEO of Boxever. Learn how the airline industry is using Artificial Intelligence to market to their customers in context, with personalization.
  • Jimi Crawford, CEO of Orbital Insights. Using satellite images to predict trends is Orbital’s unique offering. See how they do it, and where they are finding applications.
  • Jana Eggers, CEO of Nara Logics. Most of the Artificial Intelligence recommendation engines are based on clustering algorithms and a limited number of parameters. Nara Logics is pushing the envelope on releasing both constraints, and going to a more granular level of personalisation.

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