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Must-read Posts on Artificial Intelligence

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 14th 2016


My deep concerns over the impact that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, and over-automation will eventually have on society have led me to write several thought-provoking articles to help raise awareness while course correction is still possible.

Whichever way the future unfolds, we do have some time in hand. The kind of mass scale automation that may eventually come about is still 50-100 years away, most likely. Still, there is a very high probability that massive degrees of automation WILL eventually come about. Huge displacement of workers WILL take place due to such automation. Given that eventuality, are we facing Utopia or Dystopia? My prediction, unfortunately, is the latter.

As we have all seen technological changes taking place sooner than expected, I hope you will take some time NOW to consider these issues and how you envision our future society:

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