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Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Ali Din, SVP & CMO of dinCloud (Part 3)

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 23rd 2016

Sramana Mitra: Can you put all this in perspective for us in terms of the trends that you’re seeing in the space?

Ali Din: Specifically in our space, what we’re seeing is this evolution of mobility. People need to access multiple devices. The average person is carrying more devices or has access to multiple devices whether they’re in the office or home. Now what we’re seeing is that companies understand the virtual desktop models. Now they’re getting more mature and specific about their needs. We call this the evolution of the workspace.

It’s getting even more finite in terms of their requirements. Some people say, “I don’t need the entire Windows desktop because I use OneDrive. I just need specific applications.” As a result of that, we’re seeing this evolution of people now moving from a desktop virtualization to just purely worrying about the application and how to connect those applications. That’s probably one of the trends that we’re seeing.

We’re just starting to hear customers talking about that and planning. There’s probably a little bit more time around that. The other trend which has taken place more in the enterprise space is around Big Data and analytics. People with a ton of data have gotten behind this. They need to have more scalable infrastructure that can crunch this information.

We rolled out a hosted SQL for database management to cater to this trend or need for analytics and scalability. I think Big Data is going to come down to the mid-market and lower mid-market.

Sramana Mitra: Given these are the trends, what are some open problems that you’re seeing out there that are worth solving for new entrepreneurs?

Ali Din: We’ll run through some customers who come to us and they’re fairly large enterprises. It seems like it’s just a full circle where people are coming back to centralized computing, but they’re also coming back to not wanting to manage the operations of their IT infrastructure. We’re seeing managed services picking up a lot.

That was something that we were not providing originally but were seeing more demand for. A lot of startups have very rapid growth and they’re trying to hire new employees in large waves, but the organisation is not really geared up for bringing in a lot of employees. Some people are creating managed services, specifically, around on-boarding employees on a regular basis.

Some people are taking care of the security aspect of it, which is another big space that we feel is going to be more and more important. It’s going to drive more margins and profitability for entrepreneurs because threats are just increasing over time.

This segment is part 3 in the series : Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Ali Din, SVP & CMO of dinCloud
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