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Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Ravi Reddy, CEO of Sunera Technologies (Part 3)

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 20th 2016

Ravi Reddy: Our product has enabled Orient, for example, to know, in real-time, how much inventory is in its supply chain. It can do supply chain inventory optimisation through supply chain visibility, which is real-time. Since we have the product information, we’re able to push this product virtually into all omni-channels. Orient never had its own e-commerce and could never put all its products in different marketplaces. Orient is now able to put on

In the case of Gulf Oil, we were able to protect them from territorial integrity. Distributors were smuggling oil across the border. That’s what we call territorial integrity. Today, there’s a YouTube video which says that the Gulf differentiates itself from the rest of the oil companies by saying, “We partner with E-Feel to protect our distributors from cross-border transactions.”

Usha Fans had 3% of revenue losses because of wrong warranty claims. We are able to protect them from such losses using serialisation for the supply chain. Now, they are able to push the product that are coming back as returns and hold suppliers accountable right down to the parts level. Earlier, they never had this. They had warranty losses. These are some of the use cases through supply chain digitalization. Right now, we have about 26 different benefits. Different customers have different benefits that they have realised.

Sramana Mitra: Very quickly, take me through the marketing digitalization. What kind of use cases are you working on there? 

Ravi Reddy: Marketing digitalization is the fastest-growing area for us. Fundamentally, we are helping global brands in turning some unconnected consumers into connected consumers. Brands that do not have access or visibility as to who my consumers are. We basically extended our E-Feel platform that we called Meltag. We got the Innovation Award from IBM as well as Red Herring.

It enables brands to push value directly to the consumer through this cloud platform called Meltag. Consumers like Unilever, Glaxo, and Castrol use it. P&G has also signed up for Meltag to promote to the consumers directly and create loyalty, and also use this data that they get to create more creative loyalty programs. They’re able to predict the market because they’re now getting real-time connections with their consumers. 

Sramana Mitra: It sounds like there is some synergy between your work in the marketing world and in the supply chain world. You’re basically working off this digital ID platform. Is that a correct observation?

Ravi Reddy: That is a correct observation to a large extent. In E-Feel, our buyer is the supply chain head. For Meltag, our buyer is a marketing head. We don’t sell through as a technology platform.

This segment is part 3 in the series : Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Ravi Reddy, CEO of Sunera Technologies
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